Adenike’s Dilemma | Episode Five | A True Life Story

It was not easy hiding my affairs with my dad from my siblings again. They became so suspicious and curious.

The three of them asked me many questions I had no answers to.

I was running out of my mind after the abortion. My spirit husband would also not give me breathing space.

He used me every night with serious beating after having sex with me in the dream.

One day I asked the spirit man in my dream, “Why do you always beat me after having sex with me”?

He replied, “You are a cheat, you have been giving others what belongs to me. If you don’t put an end to sleeping with your father, I will kill him for you one day”.

Intentionally, I continued having sex with my dad so that the spirit man can kill him for me.

I wanted to be free from him and also wanted my dad’s death desperately so as to be free from his prison.

My caring and loving dad turned into a heartless man.

Securing admission into the higher institution after my WAEC became very difficult.

Since the spirit man had been having sex with me, nothing was moving for me and my dad anymore.

Everything we did always ended up in failure. Everything around my family went upside down.

My younger sister “Grace” fell ill and was diagnosed with a terrible heart condition that required an emergency surgical operation in India.

The cost of transportation and medication were in thousands of dollars.

Dad had no money anywhere because his business had practically stopped.

Mom had to empty her account and borrowed more money to fund Grace my younger sister’s medical bills.

Grace and mom fled to India for the surgery. Everything wasn’t as planned.

The surgery was not successful, so they stayed over for three (3) extra weeks for another operation to be carried out on her.

Mom’s leave at work elapsed and she couldn’t return from India because of the three weeks extra they needed for another operation.

After series of operations to save Grace’s life, she died while in India.

It was really a tough time for the family. Mom came back to Lagos without Grace. Her job was at stake but she had huge loans in the office to offset.

On her arrival, she couldn’t resume work immediately until after one week. Mom would have gone back to work on Tuesday if not for our pastor who insisted she needed to mourn her daughter at home.

While at home, mom could be on a call for hours. Her position was given to another person before she resumed.

She was moved to the cash department as the cash officer while Mr. Paul was made the new branch manager.

These new developments really brought darkness to our family.

My pursuit of admission was put on hold.

Christianah had to drop from school because of accumulated unpaid school fees.

Faith had a few months to write WAEC, so her fee was paramount.

Everywhere we turned to for help, there wasn’t any.

Three days for faith to start her WAEC, she took ill and she was rushed to the hospital. It was like hell was let loose on our family.

From one calamity to the other. As if that was not enough, mom lost her job. A job she held in high esteem.

The bank made sure she completed the loan she collected before they eventually sacked her.

The blow was too much. What should I do? I asked myself.

I had to engaged myself in mini prostitution to help raise money for faith’s medical bills and sleeping with any man who could give me money.

Our former vice-principal in school became my main client.

At a time, he gave me just a thousand naira after he gave me a round of sex. It was this bad.

My parents knew I was not working but they had no effrontery to asked me where the money was coming from.

I was much afraid of nemesis catching up with me someday, considering the number of men I had unprotected sex with.

The threats and assaults from my spirit husband kept me in fear.

Even when I was sick, I couldn’t talk to anyone about it in order not to compound my family’s problems. We began to live a beggarly life.

The church was our lifeline. Dad had sold everything we had just to keep us going. Faith had practically missed her WAEC that year.

Everything was against us and really my tears of agony and pain. Our landlord was the only one who understood with us.

But his understanding didn’t last for an eternity. He came pleading that we should forget about the outstandings and just vacate his house in three months.

Our landlord was a kind-hearted man but he needed to make this decision to recover his property.

I had to sleep with him five times for him to extend our stay for another six months.

My parents were not in the picture of what I did that made him gave us six months extension.

Out of curiosity, I insisted I must know what was wrong with faith since I was the major financier of her medical bills.

No one was telling me until I stopped bringing money for anything. My mom reluctantly told me she did an abortion and it was not well managed and she had complications.

As I talk to you now, your sister’s womb has to be removed to save her life. Immediately I heard this, I went blank.

After some minutes, I asked mom if she revealed who impregnated her.

No, she said she doesn’t know who was responsible. Meanwhile, the doctor advised we don’t bother her for now until she’s out of the hospital.

I was mad in my spirit, let it not be what I was thinking, I mustered some words to myself.

Could it be that dad had also been sleeping with her without my knowledge?

Faith is a decent girl and she has never told me she had a boyfriend. We talked a lot and I would have known if she was seeing any guy.

My reaction got my mom worried but I couldn’t tell her what was going on in my mind.

If daddy is responsible for Faith’s pregnancy, I will kill him and kill myself. I assured myself.

My heart was heavy and weak. Why are all these things happening to us alone?

Oh God! Have mercy on our family. Grace had gone, Mom lost her job and Faith is lying helpless in the hospital, Dad’s business had totally collapsed.

The landlord had given us ultimatum to leave the house, I have become a sex addict, everyone had abandoned us, eating regular food and living a good life is elusive, Christianah is at home because of school fees.

What is our offense? Why are all these things happening to us at the same time?

Who did we offend? What happened to those prayers mom did for the family? God, are you in existence? So I cried.

When I was left alone with Faith, I hugged her passionately to my heart.

Dear, I love you and you will live to testify of God’s goodness. I spoke many words of hope to her.

Faith, I know who is responsible for your pregnancy. I said and looked straight into her eyes for a long time. Is he the one?

She bent her head and tears rolled down uncontrollably. I looked at those tears and I saw betrayal, disappointment, dashed hope, hatred, and unexpressed agony.

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