Adenike’s Dilemma | Episode Four | A True Life Story

On Monday, my dad bought me a big phone he ordered from the UK. He knew how much I desired to own phone but mom won’t allow him to buy me one.

This girl is too young to own a phone, mom had warned dad several times. If you buy her a phone I will be the one to smash it on the floor, mom threatened.

She insisted none of us will own a phone until we are all eighteen years old.

My friends in school have phones, yet they concentrated on their studies. It was never a distraction like mom painted.

I love the phone dad bought for me because all my friends in school who had intimidated me with theirs began to respect me when they saw mine.

I was really enjoying the phone for three months and mom wasn’t aware that I had a phone.

When mom is around, I put it off, remove the battery and hide it all through until she had gone.

As I was gaining my dad’s confidence, he struck again.

This time he drugged me and raped me. In my sleep, I had a dream that a man came and forced himself into me.

He beat me up after he raped me and warned me never to tell anybody again or else he will kill me with his machete. In the dream, I cried in pain until I woke up and noticed the pains all over my body. I couldn’t lift my hands nor legs. My dad did it to me again.

It became a regular occurrence that my dad regularly took advantage of me. He does it almost every night. His act exposed me to spirit husband.

The spirit man will always come to molest me in the dream. My dad will do his own physically while the spirit man will do his own spiritually.

In no time, I lost the will to resist my dad. He destroyed my pride and self-esteem. My academic performance started dropping. My position in the class moved from 2nd and 3rd to 37th. I began to lose interest in my studies; my mind was clouded with sexual filthiness.

At the age of Seventeen, I had turned to a sex addict. My dad could no longer meet my sexual needs so I arranged for my school boys and teachers to have sex with me whenever the urge comes.

I was caught with my mate having sex in the toilet and the matter was reported to the vice principal.

The vice-principal invited both of us to his office to investigate the matter but he was caught in the web of the seducing spirit in me. I slept with him three times and the case was closed.

When the urge comes upon me, I can sleep with any guy available.

It was time for me to write WAEC and our vice principal had assured me of success if I continued giving him sex.

I grabbed the opportunity and made use of it to clear all my papers. I didn’t bothered to read my books because the vice principal had arranged everything in my favor.

When our result came out, I had distinctions in all my papers.

Mom was very happy about my result and she began to persuade my dad to let them send me abroad for my university education.

My dad and mom began another quarrel over my university education. My dad’s business had almost collapsed so he only managed to feed us. Mom was the one responsible for our school fees and other major family bills.

On the 8th of March, I was feverish so I went to the nearest chemist shop in our neighborhood to get some drugs for myself. When I took the drugs, I wasn’t getting better then I decided to go to a clinic to run some tests. “Young lady, you are six weeks pregnant”, the lab attendant announced to me as he handed the test result to me.

I collected it without saying a word. On getting home, I dropped the test result on my dad’s bed and locked up the room so that my siblings won’t barged into his room and found the result.

My dad hardly locks his room, so he was surprised when he came back and found his room locked.

Dad looked at me and Grace who were both in the living room when he arrived but I pretended I didn’t noticed him.

He seemed to understand there must be something fishing, so he removed his key and opened the door.

Five minutes later, he rushed out and invited me to his room. What is the meaning of this? He pointed the test result to me. I was so angry and felt like slapping him.

How can he ask me the meaning of the test result in his hand? Did he not know that having unprotected sex would result in pregnancy? I looked at him with disdain as I started crying.

“Nobody must hear this, let it be between me and you. We will get rid of it before anyone gets to know”, My dad said and pleaded.

Dad stopped me from going out for one week until he came with a taxi driver that morning. He drove us for a long journey that morning and took me to a small hospital between Lagos and Ogun State.

The place was very difficult to find anybody who knew us. An abortion was carried out on me.

Imagine! My first sexual encounter was with my dad, my first sexual pregnancy was for my dad, my first abortion was also by my dad. Mom destroyed my life due to her carelessness.

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