Adenike’s Dilemma | Episode One | A True Life Story

The story of my life is a great lesson to all parents (fathers and mothers) of our time and most especially to mothers of our days.

My name is Adenike. I was born into this world twenty-eight (28) years ago.

I am the first child of my parents and I have three younger sisters; Faith, Christianah and Grace.

Right from when I was two years old, my mother stopped me from sleeping in her room neither in the children’s room but in my father’s room.

I grew up to know what love connotes because my dad showed me unreserved love.

Even at some point in my life, everyone started calling me the wife of my father because the love was just too much.

Sometimes, I wouldn’t sleep except on my father’s chest; sleeping on his chest became my comfort and bed.

My dad cannot withstand anyone beating me, not even my mother.

The main quarrels I witnessed between my parents was because my mother raised her hands on me and my father wasn’t happy about it.

There were times they kept malice for days only because of me.

My dad was a successful engineer, tall handsome man with a charming voice.

He sings in the choir very well but he wasn’t the choirmaster.

My dad was tender-hearted, jovial and at the same time a nice and caring man that all and sundry loves associating with him.

He gave me almost everything I had ever wanted, including those that were detrimental to my growth as a girl child.

Many things my dad bought for me without my mother’s consent.

He kept packets of chocolates under his bed that my mom wasn’t aware of for years.

He gave me at least three (3) chocolates every night before we go to bed.

I loved playing with my father’s beards because the beards were well laid around his jaw.

I sat on his laps and played with his beards anytime I was angry; it had a way of pacifying my anger.

When I clocked six (6) years old, I realized that anytime I sat on my dad’s laps, he always had an erection.

As a young child then, I never knew what erection was or what it meant because we never had a brother, neither been taught about sex education in school nor did anybody told us anything about an erection.

I loved seeing my dad’s manhood struggling around his boxer anytime we were together.

Seeing his manhood rising, I played with it and my dad enjoyed it but he would never permit me to do such a thing whenever my mom was around.

His manhood became my toy and any day I forgot to and not in mood playing with it, he reminded me later saying “Nike, you’ve not played with daddy’s toy, come on, come to daddy”.

When he noticed my mom may get to know one day, we both restricted the toy play only to bedtime.

As I turned ten years in age, my dad started instructing me to suck his manhood until he ejaculates.

And we continued the act until I clocked thirteen.

The act became an everyday affair, no sucking of manhood, no chocolates for me.

I became inseparable and so addicted to my father.

Nobody ever educated me that what I was doing with my dad was wrong.

He kept assuring me of his love for me day by day.

To be candid, I had no doubt in that because he showed it.

Whenever my dad traveled, I would be sick all through and got healed as soon as he arrived.

The love I had for my dad was exceptional.

He could tolerate all my excesses to a fault.

My dad was a good man I knew and he showed me to love much more than anybody.

Even more, than my biological mother does.

My dad became my magical being; I almost could not do without him.

I trusted my dad so much because he never hurt me.

My dad always tried keeping tears from dropping from my eyes. He was the only best friend I knew; he was close and listening.

Daddy was something different from my mom who was harsh, inconsiderate, hot-tempered and unloving.

Nothing worried me about anything because my dad was also nice to my younger sisters too.


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  1. Really sexual abuse and harrassment should be a major concern but thank God we’ve got foundations like this that can work against it….God should just keep on helping female kids

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