Adenike’s Dilemma | Episode Two | A True Life Story

Grace and I took after my dad in everything but faith and Christiana took after our mom.

They were difficult and unfriendly.

The bond and intimacy with my dad continued until I completed my junior secondary school education and my mom began to nurse the idea of changing my day school to boarding school.

I knew that won’t work out from onset because my dad would not part with me neither will I ever want to stay away from him for such a long time. So it was going to be one against two.

It became a serious battle between my parents for a long time. My Grandmom had to intervene but all to no avail.

Our pastor in the church also intervened on several occasions but my dad would not shift grounds. “I will not take any of my daughters to boarding school and allow anyone to initiate my precious seeds into witchcraft and wicked societies”, my dad kept saying several times.

When I started menstruating, my dad was the first person to know. I had menstruated twice before my mom knew about it.

Before my mom taught me what I needed to know about a woman’s menstrual cycle, my dad had already taught me. Her lecture on womanhood was a revision to me because dad already taught me everything I needed to know.

My dad got to know a minute after I fell sick, my dad was readily available for his children, unlike our mom who gave so much time to her career.

I would rather confide in my dad than waste my precious time with my mom.

She rarely had time to listen to us. Even if she does, she won’t act until something bad happens and it wasn’t as if she does all these to us intentionally most of the time, but she was created that way and her career also added to her uncaring attitudes.

Mom was a successful banker in the banking industry, an occupation she held with high esteem. Her job meant so much to her because she worked hard to rise to the position she occupied in her bank. Even when our mom was sick, she would manage to go to work.

The first lesson I learned from my mom was; Risk of making career a priority over your family. My mom gave her best to her career but little attention to us including our dad.

Her intention sounds genuine but her mistakes could not justify her intention.

Our dad was a nominal Christian and church goer but mom was a born again Christian with proofs of right standing with God.

She was a prayer warrior and a Sunday school teacher. Her good communication skills and fluent English made her one of the best Sunday school teachers in our church.

Everyone liked her class because she teaches big English grammars and one would always learn a new vocabulary after her teaching.

Our dad was a nominal Christian and church goer but mom was a born again Christian with proofs of right standing with God.

She was a prayer warrior and a Sunday school teacher. Her good communication skills and fluent English made her one of the best Sunday school teachers in our church.

Dad wasn’t a bad person but he was not as serious with God like mom.

My dad and mom could not sleep in the same room because mom wouldn’t let dad have a smooth night with her unending prayers and vigils.

My mom wasn’t tolerant, she saw dad as an unbeliever, hence she nags and yells at dad almost every day.

As I was growing up, I realized that my parents hardly spend time together. My mom was just too busy with office and church work.

Our dad would have been lonely without us. The four children became his closest confidants while mom was unavailable.

Dad understood my monthly cycle so well and he plans for it ahead of time. Dad buys me sanitary pads ahead of my monthly periods without my knowledge.

After the first lecture mom gave to me on womanhood, she never did follow up again. She left me with my fate. I would have gotten into lots of trouble if not for my dad who was available for me.

This is why I can’t leave my dad for boarding school. Who will be as friendly as my dad? Who will understand and tolerate me as my dad does? These and more questions ran through my mind daily then.

The journey to my dilemma started on the 2nd of June year 20*** when my dad became sick and my mom wasn’t available to take good care of him.

As young as I was then, I played the role of a mother and a wife altogether. I filled in the vacuum my mom created because of her busy schedules.

Three days after, my dad recuperated and bounced back. At this time, our bond for each other had grown beyond the daughter and Father’s relationship.

On several occasions, I had noticed my dad staring at me lustfully and forgetting himself.

On the second day in the month of June, my dad came into my room.

I had stopped sleeping in his room because we could no longer justify why I should continue sleeping there, considering my age. He allowed me moved into the other room so as to avoid suspicion.

“How are you Adenike?”, Dad asked me as he looked straight into my eyes. I felt an unusual sensation all over me when he looked into my eyes. “I am okay dad”, I replied. He sat on my bed and began to massage my hair.

Of course, that wasn’t the first time he was doing that. He does it to my younger sisters too even in the presence of our mom.

But the feelings that day was quite different. He left after five minutes but that visit was what broke the camel’s back.

He came back after thirty minutes. “Nike, I hope you are okay?” Dad, why are you so worried about me? I am okay. “Alright, come and give daddy a hug”, he said.

I moved closer and hugged him like other times but daddy had ulterior motive this time straight from his look.

“Nike, do you know how much I love you?”, he asked. “Yes dad, I know you love me so well, I love you too”.

He kissed my forehead and said, “That’s daddy’s pride”. I stopped playing with his manhood when I knew that wasn’t right to do with one’s father.

Dad stopped asking me to suck too because he noticed I am getting mature and I could let the cat out of the bag someday.

But this very day, he reminded me of those days and he sang my childhood favorite song to me again. His eyes were changed and this time I was grown enough to know.

These eyes were sexy. I had so much confidence in my dad, so I had no fear of anything.

Dad held me so tightly and began to unbutton my blouse in a way that suggested he wanted to have carnal knowledge of me.

Before I could say, Daddy, he grabbed my two breasts firmly. “Give me this one chance and I will prove to you how much I love you”.

My dad begged me as his face was full of pity and we had to back each other because I couldn’t look straight into his eyes again.

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