Anonymous Cries: “How I lost my Virginity to a man during a one-night stand”

This is a true-life story of a young lady in search of love.

I believe you will have to learn from her mistakes after reading through.

Read her story below;

I lost my virginity to a man during a one-night stand at the age of 23.

I then decided to go all out to find my true love.

Prior to this one-night encounter, I had been led to believe by my older friends that being a virgin at my age was a curse.

My friends made me believed that no man would ever want to be associated with me or love me.

I was sure I would find the man of my dreams after I had got rid of this obstacle which is my Virginity.

With this mindset, I soon met a very good looking 32-year-old man at my friend’s hub.

We immediately began talking and the attraction was so intense that we could not keep our eyes or hands off each other.

I landed in bed with him that same night.

Sleeping with him on our first date to me was a sign that we were really meant for each other.

This went on for a while, during which he told me just how much he loved me.

He told me how he couldn’t do without me and how we would get married within a year.

This feeling was mutual as I felt I couldn’t live without him either.

We had sex almost every time we were together and I really believed that having sex was a way of keeping us closer.

I found out the bitter way that this was not true.

The relationship had progressed, so when I missed my period for the first time in my young life, I had no idea of the implications.

The pregnancy had gone into its third month before my friends noticed the changes in me.

They told me to have a test. My worst fear was confirmed.

I was pregnant and went straight to him with the news but received the shock of my life.

The scene of seeing my father beat my mother black and blue in anger was what I have experienced, but what my lover did to me that day was worse.

He reacted to the news by slapping me so that I landed on the floor.

Various forms of physical and verbal abuse followed.

I couldn’t believe that this was the same man who had sworn his undying love to me a few days earlier.

It had to be a nightmare.

That was the day I started to see clearly.

I went back some days later to beg for his help, but I did not get past the gate, where he had left instructions that I should not be let in.

This experience led me to my first abortion.

Words really cannot explain the pain and anguish I went through during abortion.

Abortion is not a good experience at all.

It took place a month after the episode with him.

Not only had he ignored me, but he had also left me penniless.

It had taken a month or more to come up with enough money for abortion.

So, the pregnancy had gone into the second trimester.

I became a murderer in the name of infatuation, which I had honestly believed to be love at the time.

All hope lost. I was devastated, confused, and lonely.

This was the beginning of a very long and difficult journey down the road of life.

Right now, I am born again and have learned that true love cannot be found outside God.

Sex outside marriage is not love.

It is infatuation, which breeds sin.

Love does not use or abandon others.

True love will not intimidate or manipulate people into doing the wrong things.

I had to learn this lesson the hard way and hope you have learned from my mistakes.

You do not have to learn the hard way.

This young lady in the story learned the hard way because she was looking for love in the wrong places.

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