Best Business Ideas to Become an Entrepreneur

Are you ready to sit comfortably and let us talk about business?

Oh yes! I mean business ideas.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur or a business owner starts with a great business idea.

Aside from your full-time job and a well-paid salary, don’t you think you can become an entrepreneur?

Woah! It is even less free and meaningful when you eventually become self-employed and employers of labor.

You really wish to become like your friend or a role model in a particular business, all you need is an inspiration.

If you are not inspired and passionate about the particular business, when you get to a particular point in which most businesses just starting gets to, you resolve in quitting the business.

For you to walk in the path of entrepreneurship and then at the same time working on finding great business ideas is of great worth.

All you need to know is, it requires sacrifice and commitment.

In the long run, you will enjoy the benefits of being a business owner and start working on how to make more money with your business ideas.

In starting a business, you only need a bit of inspiration.

The business starts with an idea that takes little patience to grow as you want.

It is always my greatest joy sharing with people on how I started my own business.

You can click and read on how below;


And today, my business is growing well and I have been able to attain some heights through the little idea I developed then.

Although I am not yet there but keep thanking God for the inspiration.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you a few business ideas that can be of help to you even when you have more knowledge about it before.

Why not go through what I have for you and make use?

Okay, Let’s proceed…

A lot of people keep asking about how and where to get the money from when starting a business of their own?

According to the story shared on how I started my own business, you could see that it was through inspiration and passion.

I was inspired and got to realize that I have a passion for the business.

My passion for the business really has been helping me and keeps me going.

Here is the answer to the question of where to get the capital from below;


You have to really know what your business is and capital comes next.

My dear friend, you don’t need to have a capital somewhere, borrow money from your relatives or get a loan from relatives before you can start a business.

As I am sharing with you, I developed my skills to become an entrepreneur and have different business ideas.

But not all were taught in the four corners in schools.

Why can’t you develop a skill, talent, or gifts you have and turn into business earning you huge income like others too?

Never forget, you have to start your business small.


Smiles, I just gave an answer to the question above.

Starting your own small scale business and you becoming a successful entrepreneur is not about money.

Everything is not about money my dear.

Damilola, What should I do about the dream of having my own business and I have a current job?

Hey dear, Sure, you have the dream and already seen the vision, you don’t have to quit that current job for now.

What to do is to start saving little by little from the salary you are being paid at your current job in starting your own business.

When I was working in a particular organization before I had to quit after a few months for my personal business, I saved from the salary earned.

By the time I had to quit, I already have valuable things that can help me achieve my goal in the business.

Now, you have full knowledge of the type of small business you are likely to do while still working, it is time to start developing a business plan.

Also, make an analysis of your consumer base, market, and challenges that may likely occur.

When you are almost done with the business plan, you will definitely get to understand how much money needed to start your own business.

“Never try taking loans at the beginning of starting your business. It can come last.” 

Kindly borrow me your listening ears and hear me out now, another business idea as a beginner is to start at home.

Oh! This sounds great and cool?

Yes! you are right Damilola, but how?

I guess right. Because that is what is running through your mind right now.

The most convenient and well managed small business idea is to start from home.

I mean right in your house. 

You are about starting a business, would you want to rent spaces out there in a complex or buy a land today?

Oh No! Don’t get it twisted.

I am not saying renting shops/offices or buying land to build on isn’t a good idea.

But it’s not the best way to start the small business.

Otherwise, it’s better you start from your home.

No matter how your home/house may look like, don’t get discouraged.

You can start right from there.

Also, no matter your location and how far it is to the main town/city, distance isn’t a barrier.

It doesn’t matter in as much you are good at what you are about venturing into.

Check out for the business ideas I have listed below as you are about starting your own business;

1. Becoming a certified Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is a typist who listens to a recorded or live audio files and converts into text format of what they hear.

Transcription service allows you to work from home with a flexible schedule.

2. Laundry and Cleaning Services

Do you know you can easily turn your passion (cleaning of the house, washing, and ironing of clothes) into a business?


What you need is to get a few people as staff members.

Get cleaning supplies, washing machine but if you are yet to afford that, you can do manual washing (your hands).

Also, pressing iron and table.

Then, you need a means of transportation.

Either car or bikes, so as to convey you to where you are to do home services.

3. Writer

If writing comes so easily for you, you can become a freelance writer.

Also, you can help in writing to the press, bloggers, etc.

And you will be paid for your services rendered.

4. Home Care Services

This service is always rendered in homes where care and hospitality goes a long way.

Most people in their homes are in need of care and assistance.

Yours is just to go there with a free and good mind to start working for them.

5. Digital Marketing

Do you like to strategize and implement plans with caution and precision?

Better, this could be the best business for you to do.

6. Events Servers/Ushers

If you love events or parties, this also can be a business for you.

You can be serving guests at any event and as well as receiving them.

There are a lot of event planners and caterers out there who are in need of servers and ushers.

What you need to do is to draw close to them.

And you get paid in return for any events attended.

7. Uber Driver

Having a car without knowing what to do with it is useless.

Meanwhile, and you have a big dream of becoming a business owner.

It is time to wake from sleep, turn it into rideshare, and become the driver.

We still have people who don’t have drivers nor want to drive themselves out.

Once you are known as a rideshare driver, your service will be needed.

8. Caterer/Chef

Oh! Are you really good at cooking?

You can own a restaurant or cooking companies so soon.

Turn your skill into business and start making money at home and parties.

9. Baby Sitting

I know you love children and most especially babies.

Am I right?

You also like to watch after them, feed them, and care for them?


That might be your area of calling.

It is time to turn it into a business.

But make sure you are friendly.

9. Becoming a Tutor

In this period of time in which Coronavirus has locked down almost everywhere and most especially Schools.

You can become either an online tutor or a home tutor for students.

By so doing, you start earning weekly or monthly.

10. Start a Blog

For you to start your own blog doesn’t cost you much.

A lot of people are now into the blogging business.

If you love to share useful and quality content, then learn how to start a blog.

Through having a blog, you can start to make money online.

With what I have shared with you in my article, I hope you have gotten a few tips on how to become one of the best entrepreneurs?

If you have any other questions to ask me or you want to be more enlightened?

Kindly drop your comments below.






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