Common Mistakes Youths Make After NYSC

There is more to life after NYSC.

Every Nigerian corper is aware that someday, they will pass out from the system after a year.

Some are joyful for the successful completion of the one year journey but not applicable to some under a severe situation.

A lot of congratulatory messages from people wishing them favor market and not the labour market.

Forgetting to hint them on what life after NYSC entails.

Life after NYSC is not a joking matter and it is always accompanied with its own challenges.

The challenges of not having a particular source of income until you will be able to get a job is a big problem after NYSC.

As a result of a lack of job opportunities makes graduates wait as much as many years without jobs.

A large number of graduates are still roaming about the streets, searching for a source of income years after graduation.

Leading them to scamming, kidnapping, even turning them into armed robbers and fraudsters all for the sake of making money.

One of the major thing that is very important is to never wait for something that might not even come.

Try to help yourself by keeping busy with one thing or the other.

A lot of graduates later end up regretting and wishing they had worked on themselves before and after NYSC.

Staying at home finding a job won’t help you.

And one of the reasons for unemployment is that graduates lack the skills needed by employers of labor.

During your service year, you were taught SAED which is a skill acquisition program, why can’t you develop yourself on any of the skills acquired?

While still busy finding your dream job, get yourself busy and learn a new skill.

You should not wait for employment from anyone to start your own business.

It is advisable to invest the little you must have saved during your service year pending the time a good and dream job comes through.

But if the job does not come as soon as expected, continue with the little business and see that it keeps growing.

Worst thing graduates do immediately after their NYSC is getting married.

The majority of the female graduates jump into marriage for the fear of not securing a job.

And suffering becoming unbearable for them.

One thing ladies ought to know is that there is a huge difference between “my money” and “our money”.

So far you have gone to the higher institution and using your certificate in the kitchen ending up as full-time housewife may seem not to be a good idea.

Women should be up and doing to earn enough respect.

The idea of being your own boss before marriage by your spouse setting up a good business for you is quite encouraging.

Therefore, it is advisable to face the reality of life after NYSC, build a future for yourself and by yourself.

Do we have more things to know about life after NYSC?

Kindly share in the comment section below.


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