Damilola Adefarati: My Business Start-up Story That Would Inspire You

I will be sharing with you my business start-up story that would inspire you.

And if you are planning to become an entrepreneur or a business owner, you are in the right place.

Because I will be sharing my true life story.

But before my entrepreneur story, permit me to make a brief introduction about myself;


My name is Oluwadamilola Adefarati, a Nigerian from the Yoruba tribe.

A young graduate of the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, and a class of the year 2017.

I had my Bachelor’s degree in Science, B.Sc. in Industrial Chemistry.

Obtained my professional degrees from the British International Safety Organization in Health, Safety, and Environment management in the year 2018.

And now, let’s dive into my business story.


Oops! I have passions. And one is business.

Sounds funny? Yes or No? Yes, I love business.

“Not as if I neglected what I went to study in school or lost all my certificates”.

But I found out I have a great passion for doing business.


“Even when I am not making a dime out of it, I still enjoy doing it”. 

Turning of passion into a successful career won’t always be easy.

Most especially if you are just embarking on the journey.

I am disclosing this story of mine publicly for a particular reason.

It is for people who have talents, gifts and are yet to start maximizing it

Also, for those in which something or someone is stopping them.

I am pretty sure that after reading this story of mine, you would be able to know and find your area of calling.

Then also know things you are passionate about that will start earning you income.

I have heard and read different stories of successful businessmen and women who started through their passions.

Today, they are now great entrepreneurs to reckon with.

The question, “How I turned my passion into event business”, is actually a question I have been receiving from people close to me.

And here I have the answers to the question.


Damilola Adefarati turning all that she loves doing into money isn’t only in the event business.

Yeah! Money is good but to me, passion is more than money to me.

Because, I know when every other thing fails me, including the money I am in need of, it is only my passion that will keep me going.


To me, Damilola Adefarati, passion is anything I find doing with ease even when no one is paying me for it.


Very funny, even when my mom finds it difficult to comprehend at times, here are my passions below;

  • Cooking
  • Events/Parties
  • Teaching
  • Giving
  • Writing
  • Talking

“I have found my passions so early, all earning me income and enjoying doing all without been affected”.

Cooking and Events and a bit part of Talking was put together to make my first brand name known as DHARMS EVENTS WORLD.

Teaching and Giving birthed the second brand name which is DEW FOUNDATION.

Therefore, through my Writing and Talking skills, I was inspired and combined both to create a blog you are reading from, Dewtells Blog.

In this my story write-up, I will only be sharing with you how I turned my passion for cooking into event business.

But there is a specific question people have asked me and it is a question of…

Does she really love to cook? Then why cooking and events?

Smiles, the question of why cooking? Even me, I don’t seem to understand.

But what I know is people tell me I am a very good chef and really love to cook.

And the answer to the question of why events are for a reason.

“Because I love to make friends and it is part of me since I am a friendly and jovial type. Lol!”

I know I can make friends and meet with new faces by attending parties or any social functions is the reason why I love events.

Besides, my mom really helped me in the area of attending parties because she is also into the event business aside from being a government worker.

It was through my mom I got the idea of having my own event business someday and it was right from childhood.

The answers I just said shed more light on the questions above and I am sure you are not getting it confused again.


The journey into the cooking business which is now the catering services I am now into is by inspiration added with passion.

Cooking and baking has been what I love doing right from childhood.

My mom told me that when I was much younger, I love playing with sand.

Hey, stop laughing me. I know you are laughing already because of what I just said.

You also did the same while growing up. (Even more, than me I guess?)

I was made to understand that I would gather my friends and start making pots and food with clay sand.

But when I could realize fully that I love cooking, it was in my primary school (between Pry 4 or Pry 5).

I could recollect a particular day in primary 3, my friends and I bought speedy and digestive biscuits.

Also, with sweets and gums to make chocolate and cream cakes.

Each time I return from school, there’ll always be leftover food prepared in the morning by my mom for us to eat in the afternoon before she returns from work.

But even if I wasn’t hungry after returning back from school, I would recook the food prepared.

If she prepared white rice in the morning, I would turn it into my own fried or jollof rice by adding spices to it.

And if it was to be boiled yam with a fried egg, I would fry the yam and keep the remaining egg for my sister to eat after returning from school.

It all went like that and I derived pleasure doing the cooking in my own way.

Sometimes in my secondary school days (Jss1), I would secretly buy coconuts, sugar, flour, and ingredients then start making something out of it.

Almost every weekend, I would visit a particular friend of mine (name withheld) in her house.

One of her elder sisters loves making pancakes for us.

I enjoyed staying with her in the kitchen for sending me errands and also watched her doing it.

Whenever I get home, I would try doing it in my own way and it was delicious.

By the time I got to Jss2, I would make chin-chin and coconut then give to some people like friends to help me sell in their schools without informing my mum.

Buying and selling went for some months.

At a point in time, my Home Economics teacher in school will always give me money every Friday to buy flour and other ingredients to make snacks the following week.

I found pleasure in her sending me because I knew learning from her would be more easy.

During the examination period, Home Economics was among the best subject for me with a score of 70/70.

But my teacher would keep wondering the reason why her subject was also among the best.

Even when some of my friends failed her subject, I was mocked and made to understand that it was because of my closeness to her.

My love for catering and most especially Home Economics diminished when my mom changed my secondary school into a ministry school.

It was a science school in other to further my secondary school in as much we all believed I wanted to become a medical doctor.

I did the entrance examination and passed all the science subjects.

When I got to SS3, we were told about two categories of classes, it’s either Economics and Agric or Technical Drawing and Further Maths.

I knew that my understanding of knowing Introductory Technology and Mathematics in my junior secondary school was little.

So choosing Technical Drawing and Further Mathematics was the last option.

Even my mom called a private home lesson teacher for me so as to tutor me Further Mathematics.

I still went ahead for Economics and Agricultural Science Class.

You know why?

Laughs! It is because I love food and anything related to money.

But I still love science.

After the completion of my secondary school education, I couldn’t seek early admission into the higher institution.

I sat for O’Levels and Jamb several times.

Also, changing science courses like Medicine, Pharmacy, Civil Engineering, Computer science, etc.

By the time I chose Food Science and Technology, I was got ill and spent months at the hospital.

It took me months to recover and that was how my admission to study Food Science and Technology was deferred that year.

I lost hope of studying Food science again.

And after my total recovery, I sat for another jamb and chose Industrial Chemistry.

Fortunately, I was offered admission to study Industrial Chemistry after several failed attempts.

God so good, I was enrolled at a catering school before granted admission.


Okay, let’s continue. We are still on the cooking story.

While still at the University of Ilorin as an undergraduate student, I love to invite my friends to my rented hostel in town to pay me to visit and cook for them.

Even the people in the same compound, I would volunteer to cook for them and most of them were guys.

No matter how tiring the lectures, attended services and activities in my church, I would still cook without stress.

Cooking for people going for long in school that even when a brother in church, now a pastor today in Lagos got married.

He called for me to prepare vegetable soup with Amala for him and his newly wedded wife in a hotel they lodged into during their honeymoon.

It was late at night but notwithstanding, I did it wholeheartedly.

Here is another story that led me into the (cooking and baking) event business.

When I was in my final year in school (400L), making and supplying of chin-chin and cakes to stores in the school became a business for me.

After each delivery, I get paid.

Also, I took some to the lecture rooms, sell for my mates, and was paid in return.

Then, I was also the social director of my two departments.

Anytime we have any social events in class or in the departments, I made what friends could eat in entertaining them so as not to get bored.

On a particular Sunday afternoon, I received a call from a popular restaurant owner inside the school.

I was told by him that a friend referred me to him.

He asked if I could be of help working for him in the school restaurant and get paid.

My mind was telling me Yes and No at the same time.

Because I knew how 400L in my department was.

He told me he would like to hear from me so soon and dropped the call.

As I was continuing with the chores I was doing in the hostel then (I lived inside the school hostel in 400L), my friend who introduced me to him came around.

She asked me about my discussion with the man.

I told her everything and she advised and encouraged me.

While still in 400L, I was called by an unknown person who had to be a friend to one of my classmates in school.

I already had my event business team working together with me.

They had a great passion for what I do.

So, I had to call two of them for a catering work at a wedding ceremony.

I have gone to meet with the client and we’ve discussed our charges and agreed on it.

The catering work was done in the groom’s sister’s house.

I was told to convey what we have prepared to the venue.

On getting to the event center, I asked for the agreed charges and was been tossed to and fro like a pendulum bob.

We had to leave for our hostels because it was from night vigils we arrived at their house for the job to be done on time.

As at this present moment that I am sharing with the public, I was not called back nor paid for the job we did.

This is So Amazing???

I still believed in my passion (cooking) and continue cooking for friends and people around me.

I went for my national youth service in plateau state.

On mangu camp, and a lot of competitions were done.

I was among the drama group and something pushed me to inform our platoon leader that I would like to be among the cooking competitors.

I was given the opportunity but was told to be responsible for all the cooking ingredients since no one is contributing to that.

In the long run, I agreed because if the pocket money brought to the campground would be spent on it, corpers would still be paid before leaving by the federal government.

After the competition, I was given an Oando cooking gas which has already been filled for taking a position among other platoon members.

I was posted to the city of Jos for my primary assignment (PPA) and was privileged to serve in a company.

One fateful day, I was unable to go to work due to malaria.

I told HR on call that I won’t be present at work.

In other to apologize very well for being absent from work, I decided to make bottled chin-chin and zobo drink for HR.

When I resumed back to work, gave her what I brought for her and she accepted it.

But, I was discouraged by what she said and left her office.


She told me she does not take zobo drink because it gives her heartburn.

In a short while, she started shouting my name and told someone to call me.

I was scared seeing her with the Branch Accountant and other staff drinking the zobo given to her.

I was asked if truly the zobo was made by me.

Yes, I told them.

The HR that told me she doesn’t like zobo drink also drank out of it.

And that was how she started making advertisements to all workers.

She told them that I am making chinchin and zobo drink.

She advised and told me that since we have a freezer in the company’s house given to me, I should put the drink inside the freezer.

Also to make chin-chin, and always bring it to work everyone to buy.

As at this time, something inspired me that since I already have a brand name, I should get it registered.

I took the bold step and went to the corporate affairs commission office (CAC) and did the needful and eventually got my business name registered, (DHARMS EVENT WORLD RC:2673656).

After my service year and when I got to Ibadan, companies I applied to didn’t call me back for employment.

I was discouraged as a fresh graduate on hearing that I have no working experience.

Even top people I knew working in companies refused my calls.

This was when I summoned the courage and believed in my passion.

Since no one was ready to employ me, I said within me that I would give myself a job.

I decided to make cuisine, cakes, and confectionaries deliveries aside from other things I do for a living.

And you know what?

Every bit of what I was doing even when not been paid, I love it.

With my passions just as said earlier, I am earning income from all, and one is not affecting others.

For those willing to know and hear more about my other passions.

Also on how it has turned into earning me income.

I will share the story next time.

My advice to anyone who is ready to turn his or her passion into a business is to stop listening to everyone else.

If you are creative too, start to bring something out of the creativity and before you know it, you will become a star and professional in it.

All you need is to stay focus and be determined.

I hope my story on how I turned my passion into a business inspired someone?

You can share it with me in the comment section below.

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