Decision Making In Courtship

Courtship is a process in which we tend to know many things about ourselves.

We ask questions and get familiar with each other before entering into marriage.

It is now time to make a decision, to break up or stay together?

One of the common mistakes people make in the process (courtship) is to assume that a courtship is successful only when it ends in marriage.

As much as we desire to graduate into marriage from courtship, a courtship that doesn’t end in marriage is not a failed courtship.

No matter how perfectly matched a couple may appear, courtship is meant to address the question of affinity and the suitability of one for the other.

It is a time to seek an answer to the question of whether you are meant to be husband and wife.

If along the way you discover that you are really not meant to be together, and you decide to go your separate ways, rather than viewing the situation as a failed courtship.

I would have you see it as answered prayers. Marriage is not a necessary end to courtship.

In a good marriage, courtship continues.

Our main goal during courtship should be to study each other, learn to know each other, grow with each other and protect each other.

Courtship should continue after

Marriage is not a destination. It is a journey of knowing each other better day by day.

What Are The Decisions During Courtship?

We need to understand our partners’ backgrounds, beliefs, attitudes, values, expectations, priorities, anxieties and fears.

The knowledge could make you more tolerant, patient and appreciative of the personality of your spouse-to-be.

Let us look at the following areas that could help us understand our differences better.

And also, decide if to continue into marriage instead of breaking up.

  • Background differences
  • Mode of communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Forgiveness



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