Funke Akindele Pleads and Explains the Truth behind Her House Birthday Party (Read)

The popular Nollywood actress, a producer, filmmaker and one of the CEO of Scene one Tv productions, Funke Akindele Bello who celebrated her husband’s birthday on 4th April 2020 was reported arrested.

They said after the Government announces Lockdown for all people to stay home and stay safe because of the coronavirus crisis, she went ahead to hold a house party in celebrating her husband’s birthday.

It was stated that the actress husband, Abdul Rasheed Bello (JJC Skillz) was seen celebrated his birthday in a viral video and popular singer, Naira Marley was also invited.

Funke Akindele Bello took to her Instagram page to explain the reasons behind the video they did in celebrating her husband via a video of herself on IGTV.

She said:

“Dear friends, I really have to do this!!. I hear you all and I acknowledge all your honest feedback, thank you for your concerns, well wishes, and calls. I am sorry and hope this video offers some explanation”.

She advises everyone to please stay safe. And God bless.

In her IGTV Video, She Explained (Read):

Funke said she would not have to internationally mislead people. But Truly, It was her husband’s birthday.

And both of them were on scene one studios located in an estate where they live.

She said they have studios running by midnights and before the coronavirus pandemic, they all work together in the studio.

They have the strength of 100 workers but not all was with them.

She explained further that when the coronavirus pandemic started, they had to stop all productions including some which are to start by April this month.

And by the time the lockdown was announced by the president, some of the staff who lived outside Lagos can’t go back.

So, they had to stay back. Including Naira Marley because he was part of the project.

She said she’s not trying to defend herself but Naira Marley has been around before the president disclosed the lockdown.

Naira Marley stayed back because he loved the environment and all were living as a family.

A short while, her husband’s birthday came up and as both were all living as a family, they celebrated it together.

Funke Akindele said the mistake they made was putting the video on social media.

She sent her apologizes to the government for her mistakes and appreciated their work in eradicating the disease called coronavirus.

Funke Akindele has now made a promise to always practice what the government preaches to people. She sent a word for people to note that some people have to be with her for months, weeks, and days before the lockdown. And nobody came from their houses to party with them.

They were all living in the estate, in the same studio.

Her prayer is, May God bless us all and heal the world.


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