“How I Lost my Virginity to my Dad at 20”, Anonymous Said

My dad has been sleeping with me since when I was 20 years old and that was in the year 2018.

I don’t know who my mother was because she abandoned me when I was a Six (6) months old child.

It was my father’s elder brother that brought me up since childhood.

But when he died, I started living with my father.

My grandpa has seven (7) children which my dad was among.

I was asked to go back to my dad immediately after his elder brother who I was staying with died in the year 2018.

My dad does odd jobs like cutting grasses, doing labor jobs, and likes for a living.

Three days after which I got to my dad’s place, he started sleeping with me.

The first occurrence happened the night I got to his place.

He told me to pull off my clothes and I inquired why would I do that?

But he was forcing me to do so, holding a machete in his hands and telling me if I refused him, he was going to kill me and himself.

I told someone about what my dad was doing to me and you know what happened?


The person took it to the police but when I didn’t hear anything from the person and police afterward, I had to go to the police station myself to write a statement.

And you know what pained me most?

What is more painful to me that people have been asking me is if I have ever visited or seen my father before?

But the answer is YES.

Before I was taken to my dad’s elder brother’s place, I have seen my dad and that was when I was a little girl of age four (4).

And the other time I would be setting eyes on him was in the year 2018 when I was 20 years old.

As at the time I got to my dad’s place, I was still a virgin but he was the one that deflowered me.

Haa! My dad took away my virginity.

Just the first night with my dad deflowered me.

Because after the sex he had with me, I was bleeding profusely by the time I woke up the following morning.

After telling my dad about the bleeding which he saw himself, do you know what he said?

My dad said I should not be angry. He is indeed a monster.

Despite what he saw and told him, he was still having sex with me.

This is wickedness. My dad is heartless.

He has sex with me regularly (a day off, a day on) any day and any time since 2018.

In the process of my dad having sex with me, I was pregnant and had four (4) abortions for him.

My dad has sex with me any day, any time during ovulation, and even when I am tired or not, he doesn’t want to know.

He keeps threatening and refuse me of telling anybody about what he was doing to me.

When I did my last abortion for him, I took the case to the policemen.

Afterward, my dad told me about my lost mother.

Right now, my dad’s case is in the hands of the government.

I want mothers of today reading and hearing my true life story not to abandon their child (children).

Wherever your child (children) is/are, try to always look back.

See what my mother had caused me by abandoning me with her wicked husband (my so-called father).

I hope you have learned one or a few lessons from her story, kindly drop your comments below.

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