How To Produce Liquid Soap: Ingredients | Functions | Procedures


Liquid soap which is also known as the liquid detergent is basically used for car wash, laundry, and washing of dishes.

It is easy to produce because it does not require heavy-duty and/or automated equipment.

The secret I will be exposing you to will certainly turn around the financial fortune and that is for serious minded people.

These secrets are not taught in the four walls of our school system.

Soap making production I want to put you through is seen as “Feeding on people’s ignorance” and I will be teaching you on how I make mine.

Before you start making your own, kindly note the following working tools required for production.

A mixer or large mixing bowl: This is where the production will be taken place.

Buckets/bowls/cups: For taking measurements like the quantity of water for production and for mixing/dissolving chemicals and colourants.

Stirrer: It should be plastic and not wooden; the reason for using that is to avoid bad production.

Measuring containers: To determine the correctitude of the products in order to avoid damages that may occur in transit.

Hand gloves/nose guard: Hand gloves are worn on both hands and the nose guard is worn on the nose. Both serve the purpose of protection against the harmful effects of the chemicals.

Packaging plastics: Good packaging is proven to increase your selling ability or for your personal use also. Get in Litres, Cl or Ml.

The chemical requirement for producing 88 litres of liquid soap and their functions 

The combination of the chemicals as contained below will give your liquid soap a sense of perfection. These chemicals and their functions are as follows:

                CHEMICALS                                                                                     FUNCTIONS

  • Nitrosol (half kg)                                                                       Serve as a thickener. It dissolves immediately in water
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (half kg)                                          Foaming agent
  • Soda Ash (2 kg)                                                                          Main thickening agent
  • Caustic Soda            Serve as Cleaning agent
  • Sulphonic Acid (3 litres)                                                          Foaming agent and cleaning agent
  • STPP (2 tsp)                                                                               Helps to dissolve water
  • Textapon (half kg)                                                                    Foaming booster agent
  • Perfume/Fragrance (100ml)                                                  Gives a nice smell
  • Formalin (30ml)                                                                       Preservative agent
  • Colourant (Green, Blue, etc.)                                                 Add beauty to finished product
  • Water (82 litres)                                                                       Main solvent to dissolve various ingredients


Step 1: Measure 10 litres of water into the mixture.

Step 2: Dissolve Soda Ash and Caustic Soda into 6 litres of water in a separate bowl and stir until it is dissolved (after stirring, allow to cool down).

Step 3: Add Textapon to Sulphonic Acid in yet another separate bowl and stir until the container becomes relatively hot.

Step 4: Pour the mixture of step 3 into the mixer containing the 10 litres of water and stir vigorously. You will observe that the mixture will become whitish.

Step 5: Add the mixture of step 2 into the mixer and again stir vigorously. At this time, you will notice that the mixture will rise and then return to normal after sometimes.

Step 6: You will need to add Nitrosol into an entirely different bowl containing 6 litres of water and stir as fast as possible but thoroughly.

NOTE: Do not stir for too long and do not stir with the stirrer you used in stirring Soda Ash.

Step 7: Pour the mixture of stage 6 into the mixer (by this time, containing the other mixtures) and then stir thoroughly.

Step 8: At the point, you will need to mix SLS in yet an entirely separate bowl containing 10 litres of water and stir, then empty it into the mixer and continue stirring.

Step 9: Add 6 litres of water into the mixer and stir.

Step 10: Dissolve  2 tablespoons of colourant (green or any preferred colour) into 50cl or 500ml of water, pour into the mixer and then stir very well.

Step 11: Add dissolved STPP and stir.

Step 12: Pour perfume/fragrance using the bottle cover.

Step 13: Put formalin to the mixer and stir together.

Step 14: Add 50 litres of water into the mixer, stir and allow to settle down for about 8 hours or until it has fully settled down.

Step 15: At this point, your liquid soap is ready to be packaged for sales or personal use.



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