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Ireti Osayemi is a Nigerian actress, wife, and mother born on 14 January 1982 in Liberia.


She is 38 years old.


Ireti Osayemi is from Ondo state, Ilaje to be precise while her mother is from Ibadan, Oyo state.

Childhood Days

She attended Ajumoni secondary school and proceeded to Lagos State University (LASU) where she studied Economics.


She is married to Bakare Adeoye who is known as Bakky.


Theatre arts is something she likes right from childhood.

She loves mimicking people and being innovative.

Ireti Osayemi has always wanted to be an actress and while she was growing, she had more passion for it.

She had her first opportunity in 1999 and ever since then, she is into acting.

The first movie Ireti Osayemi acted was, “Casanovas” in which Emmy Kaduru was the first production manager she worked with then.

She came into acting through the English industry and on a particular day, she went to Winnie (Winnie’s Hotel).

Not only Winnie she saw but also some actors she sees on the TV.

When they saw her, she was seen to fit for a role and was asked if she could act.

She said yes, but was still considering if she can or not.

In a short while, Lekan a friend of hers said yes, she can.

And that was how she got her first opportunity.

Even a lot of people were surprised because she was able to act and deliver it well.

In the year 2003 or thereabout, Ireti joined the Yoruba industry.

Her first job was an Adeolu Daniel’s production titled, “Edidi Ife”.

Since then, she has been speaking the Yoruba language fluently and interpreting roles well.


She is married and blessed with children.


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