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Olajumoke Ajoke Odetola is a fast-rising Yoruba Nollywood actress, Filmmaker, and Producer.

She is also known as Miss Gangartuan.


Jumoke was born on 16th October 1983. And the last born of a family of Nine, Parents and Seven Children (6 girls, 1 boy).


Jumoke Odetola is 37 years old.

State of Origin

She is from Ijemo in Abeokuta, Ogun State.


Jumoke Odetola attended ABATI Nur/Pry School in Lagos then ABEOKUTA Girls Grammar School, Abeokuta.

She attended AJAYI CROWTHER UNIVERSITY in Oyo State, where she studied Information and Communication Technology.

The actress had her NYSC service year at Abia State.


Jumoke developed an interest in acting as a child from watching movies. It is something she has a passion for but because of the kind of her home. Her father was strict but he liked her a lot and she was closest to him the most so she didn’t know how to tell her dad because she knew his views about entertainment.

Her dad was all about his children studying professional courses like Medicine, Accounting.

Ironically, he prefers science courses though he studied Socio-Science probably because they were all girls and he wants to prove to people that what a man can do, a woman can do better.

She thought she could hurt him by telling him but passion cannot be hidden. So, the journey started without telling her dad until she finished her university education.

Jumoke was the best student in her department at 100 to 200 level but later went down a little on graduating.

At that point, she thought with good grades she could tell her dad but was still afraid. So whenever she watched a movie, She would go to her room and dramatize and also try to convince herself that she could do it better.

According to Jumoke, she said on a fateful day she was acting in the room, her sister came in unnoticed until she heard clapping hands.

She looked back and her sister was excited that she even wanted to scream but she had to beg her not to expose her.

Her sister encouraged her and helped tell their siblings. And that was how she started her acting career.

The beautiful and well-outspoken actress started her acting in the Nollywood English Scene before moving to the Yoruba Movie Industry.

Jumoke started acting career fully in the year 2013. The first movie she acted in was titled, “HEROES AND ZEROES” by KOGA STUDIOS and was directed by Niji Akanni.

She played the role of a Journalist.

But in the long run, her dad was proud of her watching her daughter on the screen before he passed away.

Role Model and Influencer

Bimbo Oshin, Omotola Jolade-Ekehinde, and Michel Majid.


Her main mentor in the film business is Abiodun Jimoh.

Marital Status

Single (Not yet married)


You can reach her on +2348028014497

Net Worth

Jumoke Odetola’s net worth as of the year 2019 is $500k, her net worth in the year 2020 is still under review.

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          1. Wow I love her so much even her movies

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  1. I am so fascinating about her roles in the movies. She is an actress with gargantuan, efficient, zealous, eloquent and Orator of our new generation. An actress embedded, incarnated with syntax instinct. She deserved an accolade! Kudos to her.

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  3. I love her and loves her movies,her focus and determination.i took her as my role model.pls can I get her contact.

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