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Muyiwa Ademola is a popular actor, film producer, director, and writer.


Muyiwa was born on 26 January 1971. (49 years old).


Father: Late Isaiah Ademola

Mother: Ruth Ademola


Muyiwa’s childhood days were a rough one but he is still thanking God for making the rough days smooth.

He came from a very poor background. He hails from Egba (Owu) in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Although his mother is from Ilorin he grew up in Ibadan.


Muyiwa Ademola started his primary school education in Christ Church School, Elekuro, Ibadan.

And for his secondary school education, he attended St. Davids High School, Kudeti, also in the city of Ibadan.

Muyiwa studied Adult Education and Community Development at the University of Ibadan.


Muyiwa Ademola’s journey into the film industry was through fate. He was a shy person and his mother never believed in him that he would be an actor in the future.

Right from primary school days, he loves writing stories that even his mates would read and tear but he would still rewrite the stories.

There was even a time in school that his teacher would paste his stories on the board for everyone to read.

Writing of stories continued for Muyiwa Ademola in a secondary school as he got very good reading pacesetters, James Hadley Chase, Robinson, and so on all in school.

He initially wanted writing and to sell when he was in secondary school but was later told to go into acting.

The journey that took him and met with Charles Olumo known as Agbako led him into the movie industry.

On a fateful day, Muyiwa went to Charles Olumo (Agbako) and told him about his writing skills and most especially writing of stories.

Agbako told him to sit and write four stories. Muyiwa wrote the first story and he titled it “Agbako”.

When he finished writing the story, Charles Olumo was impressed and told him that his destiny seems to be in this acting career.

And that was in the year 1991.

Muyiwa got into the movie industry as a writer but things worked together and he realized that marketers don’t give money to unknown people to produce movies.

He got to know that they would rather give it popular persons and he wasn’t given money to produce his film.

Muy Authentic met with Late S.I Ola, Late Isiaka Egunbunmi, Rasaq Olayiwola (Ojopagogo), Adebayo Salami (Oga Bello), Dele Odule and so many more veteran actors who had an impact on him.

However, none of them sat him down to teach him how to do this and that. The acting was a talent for him.

He is someone that looks at people and learns from them.

Muyiwa already had the writing skills but he got directing skills from his late mentors, S.I Ola and Isiaka Egunbunmi.

That was how the journey started growing till he shot his first movie in 1997 titled, “Etutu Emi” together with his colleague, Akinyemi Olaiya in partnership to produce the movie.

After producing “Etutu Emi” in 1997, he produced “Aderonke” in 1998, “Akinkanju” (1999), “Orisa Oke (2000).

He also produced “Iyonu Olorun (2001), “Ogo Osupa” (2002), “Ori” (2004), “JideJamal” (2005), “Ile” (2006), “Omi Anu” (2007), “Alapadupe” (2008), and so many other movies.

The first movie produced that gave him fame, awards, money, connections and affluence was titled, “Ori”.

Muyiwa Ademola love writing but directing and producing was an added advantage for him.


Omolara Ademola is the wife of Muyiwa Ademola. Both got married in June 2006.

His wife hails from Ondo State and she is a businesswoman.

Omolara Ademola union with Muyiwa has produced three children.


Muyiwa Ademola has twins (2 boys) from another woman.

And making his children 5 altogether. (4 boys, 1 girl).

He is always proud of his twins because of their births really open doors for him.

They came when he could hardly feed himself. Then he was still looking for a major breakthrough in the industry.

His twins will be celebrating their 23rd birthday this year.


Muyiwa Ademola is a popular, influential, and successful Nigerian film producer. His net worth is said to be about $500,000 dollars.

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