My first child belongs to my father-in-law – House wife cries

My husband introduced me to his family members a year before we got married.

I was liked by all, most especially his father.

My husband has other 5 siblings who are all married, he is the last born of the family.

His mother died of cancer a year before we met.

My father-in-law was so fond of me since the day I was introduced to him.

He lived alone with my husband and housekeepers in a 5 bedroom apartment.

The whole problem I started encountering with my father-in-law was with cash gifts.

He would send me gifts through my husband before he started dealing personally with me.

On a fateful valentine’s day, he bought me very intimate gifts; panties, undies, name it.

Sometimes, he would ask me out on dates in the name of getting to know me well for my husband-to-be.

My husband didn’t know about it and I did not want to tell him because I desperately needed him to marry me.

I had to play along because I did not want to ruin things.

One thing led to another and we started having sex.

Two weeks before we got married, I noticed I was pregnant for him.

Meanwhile, my husband and I never had sex before marriage.

He insisted we stayed in the same house with him after marriage so we do not waste money on rent.

My husband agreed and we stayed.

Each time my husband is away from home, my father-in-law takes his turn.

This act has been ongoing for 7 years and I am tired of it.

Father-in-law is threatening me almost every day.

He said my husband must hear about the child we are having together if I continue to deny him sex.

My Father-in-law is actually becoming something else.

Seeing him every day is another issue on its own.

I do not want to do this anymore.

The love I have for my husband is endless, he is a good man and he loves me very much.

He does not deserve this and I want out.

If my father-in-law reveals this secret to my husband, I will lose him and my marriage.

I am so confused right now I don’t know what to do to myself?

Please, come to my aid I need help.

©Anonymous crying out.



One thought on “My first child belongs to my father-in-law – House wife cries

  1. “The wife is at fault from the onset”.
    According to what I heard from people I told the story, that was the response they gave.
    She should at least told the husband when her father-in-law started making advances.

    We’ll like to hear from you too. Remember, A closed mouth is a closed destiny.

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