Parental advice during courtship

Courtship is the act of wooing in love.

It is also an act of solicitation to marriage.

In courtship, we asks questions, do many things in common and share our pasts either good or bad relationships.

In choosing a marriage partner, we need to seek the consent of what is termed the three (3) P’s of approval to confirm our choice.

The first P is Parent and let us talk on parental advice.

PARENTAL ADVICE: There are volumes of books that suggest that it is all right to ignore parents’ warnings or opinions about the choice of spouse.

Most especially when you seem pretty convinced about that choice.

Many assumptions may, however, impede our future if we allow them to deprive us of seeking and obtaining their approval.

It is important that we marry with our parent’s approval.

Though we may be old enough to make mature and responsible decisions.

let us always try to involve them.

Apart from any considerations, they have been around longer than us.

Therefore, they have an experience that provides examples to either accept or avoid.

Secondly, parents’ emotions are not blinding them to character, flaws and hidden motives, as may be the case with you at this time.

They may not agree with your choice of partner but you should consider their opinion.

We need to see our parents’ objection (for whatever reason) as an indication that there is something wrong with the relationship, which we may not see at that stage because of our emotional involvement.

Some parents may object on the grounds of tribe, religion or particular professional preference.

All these may not seem important, given your academic background and social exposure, but there is a lot more to people than their tribes or the color of their skin.

Also, it is wise especially for a lady not to get married into a family in which she is not celebrated.

If you marry without the consent of your in-laws, his family will not support you if there are problems with your partner.

Especially when you are estranged from your parents or they live far away.

Disregarding parents because of their disapproval is counterproductive.

It usually boomerangs.

It is unwise to cast them away.

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