Patience Ozokwor Said, “I went Through A Horrible Marriage Just To Please My Father”.

Patience Ozokwor, a Popular Nigerian Veteran actress explained how she went through a horrible marriage just to please her father.

Mama G, as fondly called said in an interview with Channel TV that she was forced to go to marriage at age 19 which was against her will.

She said;

“My experience was horrible. Our era was a period where you don’t have to decide who marries you. Your parents or cousin could arrange it.

Once your parents have accepted it, you are in for it”.

“In my family, you don’t come back from your husband’s house.

You stay, manage and make the best out of it.

When I went into the marriage, I saw what was involved. I put my head together because I couldn’t disappoint my father who loved me so much.

So, I had to stay back”.

“In my place, it’s not easy for you to abandon your children in marriage once you start having them.

The reason why I stayed in my marriage was to please my family and take care of my children. So, whether there was love or not, it does not matter”.

She said this generation’s view of marriage isn’t marriage because her Christian background doesn’t permit divorce.

Patience Ozokwor said furthered;

“Remarriages among this generation aren’t marriage for me.

It is just relationships that could be broken at any time.

For me, marriage is forever, till death do us part.

That’s the way I brought up my children and it’s working out for me with prayers”.

The 62-year-old actress got married at a younger age and lost her husband after 15 years of marriage.

Despite all, She endured to please her father who loved her so much, and also to take care of her children.

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