Popular Club Owner Of Vhics Diamond Lounge In Ibadan

The owner of the popular club in Ibadan, along Eleyele road, reported he was not mad and nothing happened to him.

Emmanuel, aka (Eva) was known for his expensive lifestyle and nightlife.

Eva, A young man of 26 years old with several fleet of cars including Bentley, Range Rover, Gwagon but to mention few.

According to the reporters, immediately after building his mighty club in Ibadan, he lost two of his relatives.

His mother did not spend a dime from his money because she knew his source of income was not pure.

When she started noticing his lavish spending, she went to a pastor and truth was revealed to her.

In October 2018, Eva lost his elder brother after buying him a bike.

EFCC arrested him in November 2018.

The news went viral in the city of Ibadan when he was been tied down and transported to Ijebu.

Unfortunately, his mighty club, lounge, and bar shut down.

Check pictures:

Club patronizers @Vhics diamond lounge
CEO (Eva) with friends

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