The Approvals to Confirm a Life Partner

One of the purpose here on earth is to get married.

By doing so, you are fulfilling God’s purpose for creation.

Marriage is sweet, Marriage is a beautiful and good thing.

The journey into this institution called marriage starts somewhere. It starts from a Relationship.

And the relationship is the state of being connected.

We are created for connection and not for isolation.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you some important approvals to confirm when choosing a life partner.

Without these approvals, a lot of issues have been developed in many homes.

As a young lady or guy grown enough to get a life partner, you need to carefully look into the approvals I’m about sharing with you for you to know if truly you are meant to be together.

For you to said you are ripe enough to get a life partner, it means you have taken the bold step from just ordinary friends/dating to courtship level.

What is the courtship level?

As we all know that courtship is an intimate relationship. And it takes two to be in a relationship.

Then courtship level is the level at which you both have been acting to woo in love and soliciting to marriage.

At this stage of your relationship, you should have asked different questions about yourselves, do a lot of things in common, and share your past relationships, either good or bad.

After doing that, you need to seek consent which I termed the approvals to confirm your life partner.

A lot of singles ignore this aspect when in a relationship or let me say when courting because they are blinded by Love.

Don’t get me wrong, please.

Love is sweet, Love is beautiful, Falling in Love is good but you shouldn’t allow love to blindfold you and not doing the right thing.

Never allow Love to blind you without seeking consent/approval.


Yes, Approval.

Approvals from the following;

1. Approval from Parents.

Either your biological parents or those standing in place of them, you need their approval.

Although a lot of parents advise their children which may mislead them when choosing a life partner, but at that point you are told not to marry him or her, kindly don’t pick offense in it nor react strangely to them as if they are misleading you.

Stand on your words and stay strong.

That is if you already have the conviction that he/she is your choice of spouse.

You can then ignore their warnings or opinions about the decision you are about making.

With time, I can assure you that your parents will give their consent if both of you are meant to live forever.

If not, I am telling you not to go ahead marrying him or her without their approval.

“I am old enough to make responsible and mature decisions, but why should they turn down my approval”?

Yes, this could be what was running through your mind at that time?

But you know what?

You have to always try to involve them in decision making.

Don’t you know they have been around in this world longer than we do?

Their experience in this life might provide examples for us to either accept or avoid.

Do not forget!!!

At this time they are telling you, NO you can’t, you are blinded by love and they are not blinded to character flaws and hidden motives as maybe the case with you.

So, if you were told they are not approving your relationship with him or her, it might be there is something wrong which you may not see at that time because of your emotional involvement.

There are different reasons why parents might not give their full consent to your choice of a life partner.

The reasons might be;

1. Based on the grounds of the tribe.
2. Based on the grounds of religion.
3. Based on the grounds of character.
4. Based on the grounds of family background.
5. Based on the grounds of academic background.
6. Based on the grounds of social exposure.
Or as a particular professional preference.

All these might simply be an indication that you are not meant to be in that particular relationship.

There is an African saying that “What an old man sees while sitting down, a child cannot see while standing”.

So, therefore, don’t overthrow authority.

2. Approval from in-laws.

Yes, approval from your in-laws-to-be.

Let me remind you if you have forgotten.

Forgotten what? (Smiles)

If you have forgotten that you will marry the family, not that lady or guy alone.

It is said, “a bad lady is good to marry but bad in-laws aren’t good to have” and vice-versa.

Ladies most especially, hear me out, it is good for you not to get married into a family where you are not celebrated.

If you forcefully go into the marriage without the consent of your in-laws, my dear, this family will not support you if there are problems with your partner.

Most especially when you are estranged from your parents or you live far away from them.

Now, If your parent’s and in-law’s opinion are unrelenting after hearing or knowing that there’s a firm conviction that your choice is the will of God for you, it is time to seek those higher than you spiritually.

They will help you with prayers and give good counsel.

This will lead me into sharing the third approval.

3. Approval from those spiritually filled.

Here, I mean approval from a true man of God.

A true man of God can be anybody either male or female, young or old, but you will know within you that the person is spirit-filled and can render you help spiritually.

A true man of God’s counsel will not be influenced by emotions or prejudices.

Ensure he/she is a person sensitive to the spirit of God.

Mind you, just like your parents, a true man of God is not supposed to choose your life partner.

But only ordained to guide and lead you a right to make the best choice.

Note; a true man of God will never deceive you.

4. Approval from within.

I mean inner mind which is peace.

If you lack peace in your relationship, it is enough indication for you to know that you are likely not following God’s will but your wish.

The relationship that you are into is meant to bring you joy and peace.

If you are enjoying the inner peace of mind, then it is an indication of God’s approval.

In conclusion, courtship which is the last phase before entering marriage is a time to make a decision either to break up or stay together.

If your courtship or relationship is not meeting all I’ve said, it’s never too late.

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