The Conspiracy | Episode Eight

The next day, brother Michael took me to one of our lecturer’s house.

On getting there, we both greeted him and he asked who I was to brother Michael.

He told him we both attends the same church fellowship. He asked us what brought us to his house early that morning?

It is a matter of life and death sir. Joy will be in a better position to tell you everything. “Brother Michael said”.

Alright my dear…go ahead, I am all ears. (Dr Williams gave a polite respond).

I said, “Thank you sir…Here is my story and what I am going through presented…”.

After explaining everything to him from A-Z, he asked me if I was sure of what I just narrated to him.

Very true sir, I am 100% sure. All I told you was the truth. I would never lie to you, far from it sir. “So I said to him”.

Hmmmm!!! This is something else, this is uncalled for, this is inhumanity and we really need to do something about it urgently.

Do not worry my dear, I think I will have to tell the school authority and most especially, the vice chancellor.

You did well by reporting this matter to me, not many of your kind would have done such, I must commend your effort”, Dr Williams said.

Thank you very much sir, I’ll really appreciate your gestures sir. “I went on my knees thanking Dr Williams”.

Michael, For now, she will have to stay with you while I go to see the vice chancellor.

I will give you a call if anything arises. You both can go while I prepare going out. “Dr Williams said”.

Few hours after which we both left Dr Williams house, Brother Michael told me we would hear from him soon.

Brother Michael and Dr Williams are family friends at the same time a very close friend to his uncle.

That made me believed he would act fast on the issue on ground.

Brother Michael stood up, held my hands and we started praying.

After which we finished praying, his phone rang and the following conversation ensued.

Dr Williams: Michael, how are you? Is your friend Joy, still with you?

Bro Michael: Yes sir. She’s right here with me. How did everything went sir?

Dr Williams: Good news. Can you bring her to the vice chancellor’s office now?

Bro Michael: No problem sir, already on our way. Thank you very much sir.

Dr Williams: No problem son. Anything for you. I will be waiting here at his office too. Kindly make it here on time.

Bro Michael: Okay sir, we are coming. Bye.

He ended the call, stared at me smiling and excited.

Bro Michael, any good news? Please, tell me. I am dying to know. “I asked”.

He told me what Dr Williams said and I rushed over to him and hugged him so tight.

I was filled with joy, knew my problems were over as I shed tears.

Not just ordinary tears but tears of joy. I was so happy, it was the best feelings ever.

Brother Michael said, “Wipe your tears, God has surely made a way. It is written and stated clearly in the scriptures that; when God is for you, no man can be against you.

Let us get going now, they are expecting us. He pointed at the door and we both left the house.

Finally, my case would be resolved today and I can go back to studying well again.

Now, I can focus on myself, future and my life.

I hope the vice chancellor and entire school authority will be able to bail me out… “I started anticipating”.

We arrived at the vice chancellor’s office with Dr Williams seated, he ushered us in and told us to have our seats.

He seems a nice man and I just hope I won’t be disappointed today. (I said within myself).

My dear, What is your name and course of discipline here on this campus? “Vice chancellor asked”.

I replied to what he asked for and said in order not to be at around the bush, Dr Williams had told him the whole story before our arrival.

He said he respected Dr Williams so much because he was a man of integrity, loving and wise man as well.

The vice chancellor said, “As the head of the university, I will look into the matter and proffer a solution to it”.

He asked me if I would be able to identify the faces of those white feathers.

I told him yes but few of them like Ronke and Tonia their leader only.

Immediately, our vice chancellor reached for his office telephone and made a call.

Few minutes later, the chief security officer came in and the VC told him about me.

The chief security officer requested I followed him so that we could both fetched out those girls.

Our vice chancellor asked me if I would go with him but I stared at brother Michael, confused and perhaps afraid of the outcome.

Outcome of going out with the chief security officer. When bro Michael saw my countenance, he asked if he could go with us?

Vice chancellor asked me about the suggestion and I said, “I prefer he comes with me as well”.

CSO, do your best and get me good reports. I will be waiting to hear from you. “Said our vice chancellor”.

We all left his office and headed to our next destination, hoping to bring the white feathers to book.

At exact an hour after which we left VC’s office, we got to Ronke’s hostel.

When she saw us, she was surprised seeing me with chief security officer and Dr Williams.

She asked what crime has she committed and Dr Williams cuts in.

“Young lady, will you keep shut? As the senior lecturer here on this campus, I must ensure that you are rusticated from this school… Rubbish”.

The chief security officer told Ronke that he would like her to go with him and she said, “Go with you…how? Please, I don’t know her.

I have no idea of what you are talking about. Believe me, I don’t know her”.

Dr Williams ordered the security officer to take her away and Ronke voiced out that they should permit her to call someone.

The chief security officer ignored her suggestion but told her when we all get to his office, she would definitely do that.

Ronke faced me directly and said, “Joy, you will regret this”.

Dr Williams told her she can’t do more than a dead rat to me as he insisted she followed the car we brought and the driver drove off.



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