The Conspiracy | Episode Five

The following day very early in the morning, I heard a knock at my door.

I hurriedly went to the door, opened it, bearing it in mind that it was no other person than her.

Ronke, who perhaps had come to explain herself to me. I asked her what I can do for her?

She said, ” I know that you have every right to be mad at me but will you please let me explain myself to you? It’s all I ask of you, please”.

What is it that you want to explain to me? Please make it snappy because I don’t have much time now. I really want to read. “I said”.

She told me her explanations would be very brief and started saying, “Life had been unfair to me since I lost my virginity to my school mate.

I was devastated, depressed but I vowed never to give up.

Gaining admission into this university was a tough call for me, no one wanted to give me support.

My family members insisted I get married so early being the only daughter but that was not what I planned for myself.

I have always wanted to be a graduate but they told me either I get married when they wanted or I stop schooling.

On hearing that, I had to struggle for survival since they were no longer in support of my education so as to make ends meet”.

I had to cut in and said, making ends meet via prostitution and being cheap?

She answered, ” I never intended to be one but I guess fate brought it upon me. I started sleeping with men around, making money and fending for myself.

If not, I won’t be able to make money and got admitted into this university “.

When I saw her shedding tears, I was touched, I pitied her, I wanted to cry too because I hate hearing such emotional stories.

It always melts my heart. I drew closer to her this time as I tried comforting her and said.

Baby, don’t ever say fate brought this upon you. You brought it upon yourself.

Reason why I said you brought it upon yourself was because, there are other things that you could have done with your life.

I was in a similar situation like you were long time ago. Although, I am a virgin but I could not use my body for worldly gain.

I told you I lost my parents since childhood and it has been my grandmother taking care of my responsibilities.

Even up till this present time. And for my boss I worked for who sponsored my Jamb without giving him a dime.

But because of my commitment & dedication to him and his family. Do not see it as if I am trying to put blames on you, far from it.

All I am saying is that, you would have worked honestly towards achieving your goals and not messing around.

I was stranded and confused, what was I supposed to do then? “Ronke asked”.

I held her so tightly and told her to forget about the past and move ahead with life.

Also, I made her realized that I have forgiven her because to err is human and to forgive is divine.

She smiled and wiped her tears.



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