The Conspiracy | Episode Four

It was exactly 9:30 pm the following day.

Ronke was gorgeously dressed in a short sexy gown looking very hot.

Baby, you look so beautiful, your gown is really sexy. “I admired and hugged her”.

She smiled and brought out the gown she bought for me to wear to the birthday party.

To cut the long story short, we arrived at the party and the music was very loud.

DJ was blowing the hell out of the exciting students who liked parties as if there won’t be any other day called tomorrow.

Ronke took me around, introducing me to her friends (but to me, the friends looked like prostitutes).

She told them I was brought to the party to show me how life bubbles and how things are done.

Tonia, one of Ronke’s friend said I should feel relaxed because no one was going to harm me.

I nodded and thanked her as they all went their ways.

Immediately they left our presence, I told Ronke that the place was too noisy and she took me to another place so that I won’t be affected by the noise coming from the main venue.

Joy, (she called my name and said), “here we are, please feel free. Is there anything you need so that I can get them for you right away”?

I told Ronke nothing as at that time, telling her when I am in need of anything, I won’t hesitate to call on her.

She replied, “I won’t force you if you insist but please spare me a few minutes to attend to Tonia and some things “.

I told her no problem but not to keep me waiting and she promised me she won’t.

Seated on a chair, trying to catch a glimpse of what was happening around. I could see guys and ladies chatting, drinking, smoking and laughing.

The smoke from the cigarette nearly choked me to death.

Oh! I hate this place and why did I even come here in the first place? “I asked myself “.

After a few minutes, I noticed that I was pressed and I decided to go and make use of the toilet.

On getting to the toilet, what my sight beheld to me felt like a disgusting thing (an abomination!!!).

As I opened the door to the first toilet, I saw two ladies making out, as in (a lesbian thing), gosh! I was irritated.

I left the scene with annoyance, still pressed and needed to ease myself and I quickly dashed out to make use of the male’s toilet.

The sound of the ongoing music was so loud that I was still hearing inside the toilet.

As I opened the male’s toilet, guess who and what my eyes saw?

Hmmm! It was the guy that drove Ronke and me to the party.

I was surprised and shocked. I then told her to come out so as to get me out of the venue angrily.

Ronke followed me immediately trying to explain what I encountered not quite long but I wasn’t in any mood to listen to her.

She was still running after me to make some things clear to me but I told her to just permit me to ease myself somewhere.

Then whatever she’s willing to explain to me in detail can take place afterward.

Ronke pointed and said, “why not ease yourself right there, I will keep a watch over you”.

I hurriedly went over to another nearby direction, eased myself without uttering out a single word to her, went straight to the street and left her presence.

“Joy, wait, please allow me to explain myself”, She was chasing after me and at the same time calling me.

I pretended as if she was not talking to me. I was so surprised that she could go to such an extent to having sex in a male’s toilet.

Hahaa! I met her romancing and back against the wall for that matter. So embarrassing and disgusting.

What was she even thinking? This world is so full of rubbish, everything is now abuse and corruption.

OMG! What have I gotten myself into by being friendly with her?

I regretted ever knowing her and I don’t want to have anything to do with her again, our friendship is over for good. ” I said to myself “.



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