The Conspiracy | Episode Nine

Ronke was taken to the security office, tortured and threatened.

She then opened up and gave us the location of Tonia and some of the white feathers.

After few hours, we were able to reach Tonia and few members. That was when I got to know that Tonia was the head of the white feathers confraternity and also a final year student.

Brother Michael and I alighted from Dr. Williams’s vehicle and waved him goodbye.

Joy, let me walk you home. Shall we? “Brother Michael suggested”. But I told him not to worry that I can find my way home.

He said, “Don’t be naughty… I insist. Come on, let me walk you home”.

I really needed his company, I was scared of going home alone. Even though I had to put up an act that I was fine and I forcefully agreed.

A few minutes after, we got home and I thanked and said to him …”Bro Michael, I am very grateful and all thanks to you from the start. You’re wonderful”.

And he said to me, “Please, don’t put Brother in my name again. I am okay with you calling me Michael or call me Mike instead”.

I replied to him saying, “Okay sir” with a smile and he told me I shouldn’t thank him.

He said, “Joy, you see…, whoever trust and hope in God will never be disappointed…(Moral lesson); Trust in the Lord in any given situation you find yourself”.

I reasoned with him and said, “God is really great, he is always there to assist his children. I won’t stop thanking him”.

Michael said he would love to take his leave because of the evening fellowship.

I told him I wouldn’t want to miss it too. So, I allowed him to go to his house as I waved at him and he waved back also.

Few days after, As I was busy with chores, I received a call from Michael and the following conversations ensued;

Michael: Good evening dear, hope you’re good?

Joy: Very well, thank you sir and you?

Michael: All good. Dr. Williams called me not quite long and he told me to relay a message to you.

Joy: Message!!! (I exclaimed). Which message?

Michael: Relax dear. He told me that the white feathers issue had been reported to the school authority.

The matter will be judged behind the closed door and your presence is needed.

By tomorrow, the white feathers members will be released, so they need you to testify against them before rusticating them.

I am quite sure my point is well said? “He asked”.

Joy: Very well (I replied). But why must they involve me? I thought the school authority will take care of the matter.

Why involving me now? Why me? Please, can’t you make all this go away?

You know I am from a poor background and I have no one to fight for me.

I only have mama at home (I started shedding tears).

Michael: Don’t worry Joy, all will be fine. You only have to come and testify, it’s very simple.

Let me tell you this, nothing will ever happen to you because I’ll always stand by you.

Remember you have a very big God who is always by your side? So, cheer up dear.

Joy: Alright. So, when will I testify against them tomorrow?

Michael: He said 11 am or 12 pm and I will come to your place before 11 am tomorrow so that we can go together.

Joy: Thanks, Michael. Bye!!!

He dropped the call and I started thinking about what to say at the presence of our School Disciplinary committees.

I don’t ever want to meet Ronke and her team members again. So, I will have to face Ronke tomorrow again?

Someone that I completely trusted even up till now.

My father in heaven, please go with me tomorrow and I just hope it will be the last.

So that everything can go back to being normal. Favor is all I ask of you oh Lord.

Please, let it speak for me. (I slept off, forgot evening fellowship).

The next day, I woke very early, said my morning prayer, had my bath, got prepared, ate as well and waited long for Michael.

He promised to come and pick me before 11 am. I became so scared and at the same time nervous.

Because I had never been in such a situation before and I was about to make one of the greatest decisions of my life.

I will have to stand as a witness to testify against the white feathers and Ronke as well! (I exclaimed).

Dear Ronke, I am already feeling sorry for her. Why did she even put me in such a dark and tight situation?

There is nothing I can do for that poor girl because she asked for it.

She asked to be rusticated from school and now it will come to reality. I only pray God should see her through the journey of life.

While still thinking about her, Suddenly, I heard a knock at my door and saw Michael and greeted him.

Oh! Michael, good morning. He replied too. He asked if I was ready and told him yes.

I made him realized I was scared and nervous as well. He encouraged me telling me since I have him by my side, I shouldn’t worry.

Michael asked for my hands as we both prayed for protection and solution in the case within 5 minutes, and we left for school.

Less than an hour, we arrived at the school and saw that the Disciplinary room was locked.

The premises was too silent and we found no one except Michael and me.

While still wondering and confused, Michael told me to rest my mind because they would soon be there with us.

He was about to call Dr. Williams when we saw Ronke, Tonia and her members led into the hall beside the Disciplinary room by the Chief security officer and some hefty men.

Ronke looked so tattered and I felt for her. Michael was the first to greet the CSO before I greeted him also and he said…

Chief security officer: Afternoon dear. I just spoke to the vice-chancellor that the girls are with me. So, he is on his way here.

Michael: Thanks sir. No problem then.

As I stared at Ronke, she appeared to be moody like all hopes lost. I then noticed a strange thing around her.

It was a signal – like, she wanted to communicate with me privately and I said to her in a lowly voice by touching my chest saying, “You mean me”?

She nodded back at me, wanting my attention. I wanted to ignore her at first, but I couldn’t do that as I decided to hear from her.

I asked the CSO if I could have some minutes with Ronke but Michael disapproved.

CSO asked me if anything was the matter?

I said No and lied to him that I wanted to tell her something.

He gave me less than 5minutes and ordered one of the hefty men to be with me.

Michael looked at me in total shock.

A few minutes after, the man attached to Ronke and I told us to make the conversation brief as the time was already counting.

Ronke faced me directly and said, “Joy, thanks for your time”. (Tears were already forming in her eyes as she continued).

I want to use this medium to apologize for the wrong that I have done against you.

Kindly find a place in your heart to forgive me.

I asked her if that was the reason why she brought me there, but I was at the same time pretending to be angry.

She wiped her tears and said, “That is not all. I have something to tell you. Please, you are the only one that can help me out.

Tonia is well connected on this campus, the senior figures in this campus are trying to free her and get the remaining of us rusticated.

They have already decided our fate. Joy, you know my story and my past, please fight for me.

I have no helper and I don’t want to be rusticated”.

As she was crying and feeling afraid, I felt for her and could feel her pains also.

The man that was kept with us voiced out, telling us to make it snappy because we had less than 2 minutes to end our discussion.

Ronke, how can I help you? I asked and she replied.

Please, I want you to be a fake witness by telling them that I wasn’t among the white feathers that it was all a mixed up.

She made me understood that her life depended on me. I told her my hands are already tied.

My dear, there is nothing I can do for you again because it’s late already.

She started pleading and not quite long, the hefty man took her away.

I was confused too. I don’t even know if I should help her out or not.

Immediately, something struck my mind, telling me never, but should allow her to bear the consequences.

An hour later, seated in the Disciplinary Committee room with the committees, VC, Dr. Williams, CSO, the three hefty men, Michael, and the white feathers.

I was called upon to testify which I did by ending my words with…So help me God.

The judge asked me if I could still identify the white feathers and I said Yes. I was then told to go ahead and let them hear what I have to say.

At this time, I paused as I gazed at Ronke who was shaken. She was in a total mess, I could tell that her life would be ruined completely if I testified against her.

I kept mute for minutes before one of the disciplinary committee asked me, do you mean to say Ronke doesn’t belong to the cult?

Exactly my point sir, she happens to be a friend with Tonia only, nothing else. Ronke said.

As they were asking me more questions about her, I was feeling nervous and my body was already shivering.

I hope I won’t regret this action. I couldn’t bear the thoughts and seeing her being rusticated from the school.

Already in a trance before they all cut short my thoughts. I was asked again if I was implying that Ronke was framed or what?

Michael stood up, shouted and said, “Joy, there is something wrong”. He was staring at me with total bemusement.

He was later told immediately to have his seat because the question wasn’t for him.




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