The Conspiracy | Episode One


Born, brought up and spent my early education in the northern part of the country with my grandmom since my parents died in a ghastly accident before the age of two (2).

It was God that saved my life and it was recorded I only sustained a minor injury then.

My grandmom which was my mother’s mom was the only one taking care of me.

Family members abandoned us and we were both struggling financially.

She accepted her fate and promised herself to take care of me personally since my mom was her only child.

I never knew I would further my education because no other helping hands assisted us.

But to my greatest surprise and the lord’s doing, I started working in a place (showroom to be precise) and my Igbo boss was a kindhearted and loving businessman.

He encouraged me to sit for jamb which I did, I passed and scored 230.

When I told grandma about it, her joy knew no bounds and I sobbed in tears.

As tears rolling down my cheeks, I was wondering the kind of work such an aged woman of 65years old could do to gather enough money sending me to higher institutions.

Tears also rolled down her cheeks and after a few minutes, we both stopped crying and she promised to sell some of her properties to further my education.

Anytime I was on leave at my place of work, I would assist grandma on the farm and hawked her farm produce.

So as to gather enough money pending the time admission would become successful.

The day I received the congratulatory message from the university was indeed a great and memorable day.

It was as if our lives transformation had been waiting for me gaining admission into the higher institution.

Things started going on smoothly for us.

Although, we were not rich nor poor we were not borrowing again unlike before.

We did necessary requirements expected of us, did my matriculation and finally became a student of that institution.

I hardly make friends so as to stay focused in school.

Things were going smoothly with me not until when Ronke and I became intimate friends.

Ronke was attracted to me because of her high level of brilliancy and such an intelligent being.

Ronke is every man’s dream lady.

She came visiting at my hostel one day and while we were sharing useful information about ourselves trying to know ourselves better, she asked me a question that got me lost.

“Do not tell me NO because I am not expecting much response from you”, She said.

Ronke, did you just ask me a question now? I asked and she replied,

“Of course, I asked a question and you got lost in thought”.

Really! So you are yet to know me in person and my funny acts most times? so I said and she cuts in… Baby, I don’t like this.

Please, stop the joke and let us discuss serious matters.

When I asked the question, although our interactive discussions probably might not allow you to give me listening ears to that question.

But I noticed your mood changed and you got lost immediately, Ronke said.

Ooooh! I was only trying to remember something, pardon my manners dear.

So what was the question you asked? (I pretended again). She got angry and told me never to mind.


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