The Conspiracy | Episode Seven

As I was through with my lectures for the day as at the following day looking very tired and weak.

But, I could not get one thing off my mind.

The threats of the white feathers…Will they make good of their threats?

I became worried, scared and afraid for my dear life. I was a fool to have trusted Ronke.

Thinking she was a good girl, I thought she was nice too.

Well, I was wrong but I was fooled and felt betrayed.

I can’t run away from my dreams, nor leave the school because I have started already and now, I must finish it.

If I go to the school authorities, what will be my gain?

Will they believe my story? Will they bail me out?

What mess have I gotten myself into? I never wished for this to happen to me.

Joining a cult! I can not belong to a group outside my church fellowship.

No! no! over my dead body…”So I said”.

I haven’t moved for long when I looked ahead and saw the white feathers coming to make life miserable for me.

As they were coming towards my direction, I began to say within me that, I am not a coward, I will not run away, I will face them today… After all, we only live to die once.

When they eventually moved closer to me, I wanted to create space for myself to pass but they refused to open up.

Instead, they were blocking my every moves. Before I knew what was happening, Tonia pushed me aside with her breasts saying…”Get back. Are you crazy?”

I begged her to just allow me to go my way because I don’t want any trouble but she raised her hands on me and told me I won’t go anywhere until I become part of them.

It was at this point I reminded her that she gave me time to think about it. (I was feeling scared and fearing for my life).

She said her mind had changed that I was to join them that same moment without a second thought.

Pidgin language I never heard from Ronke before started coming out from her saying, “Joy, I no say na me fit follow you yarn wey you go listen to. Abeg, make una do fast, fast, no waste our time at all.

Fine babe like you, see as you fine reach? You come be virgin, kwa! You don dey mess up anyhow.

If no be say I like you ehn, your body for don carry better marks everywhere.

See babe, time is not on your side now, you are no longer a kid. Crying out loud, you will soon clock 24 years old! A virgin!

It’s best you agree to be part of us now or you risk the consequences alone”.

I sobbed in tears as I replied Ronke, “You really want me to be part of white feathers? Thinking we are good friends and I took you as my sister.

Is this what I’ll get in return? Betrayal! Oh my goodness, why me?

I cursed the day I met you. (There was a long silence, I was trying to contemplate on what next to do and I broke the silence).

Ladies, you know what? I concur. I will join the white feathers but not now.

Tonia responded, “You made the right decision. Welcome to the confraternity (White feathers).

Tonight, you shall be part of us. We’ll come and fetch you and don’t try to play smart with us or else, you’ll regret it”.

They were all happy and left my way. I was scared, visibly shaking and looked up to the heaven.

Asking God if I had made the right decision? And at the same time crying as if God would tell me YES.

At around 8:36pm at night, the clock was tickling fast and I was sure they would come any moment from the time.

Will my life turn out to be a mess if I eventually join the white feathers? I asked myself and got down on my knees and said the Lord’s prayer.

As I finished praying, something stricken my mind, should I do it? The voice inside me was telling me to do so, maybe God is trying to find a solution for me.

I will do what my mind tells me. Yet another voice said, ” Do it now, do it. He will be of help to you”.

I guess I will have to do it. I hope it’ll be of help to me by calling brother Michael?

Not quite long, I picked my phone and called brother Michael.

Good evening bro, I really need to see you. It’s about life and death. My life is at stake here.

Joy, wait and exercise patience. Are you serious about what I just heard? “He asked”.

Yes sir, “I replied”.

I then asked him if I should run quickly to his hostel and he told me yes.

Less than 30minutes after which I called him, I was already in his room and we started our discussion…

This is really serious and something must be done about it quickly. He said and I asked him what we are to do?

He heaved a sign and said, “I am trying to figure it out now. I am thinking of an idea now”.

Please, think about it as fast as possible. I don’t have much time on me…moreover, they might start calling me on phone now because they have my digits. “I told bro Michael”.

Who? Bro Michael asked.

Still shivering and I replied him, “Ronke my friend”.

He placed his hands on my shoulder and gave me assurance not to be scared because God will proffer a solution for us.

Few minutes to that time, my phone rang. It was no other person than Ronke.

I said, “I will never forgive her for putting me into this mess”.

Brother Michael, my phone is still ringing, what should I do now? Should I pick it or what?

You can’t pick her call. Ignore calls for now. “Brother Michael advised”.

The phone rang severally but I continuously dismissed her calls. She sent me a text which I read to brother Michael’s hearing.

He told me not to worry about the message and refused me going back home.

I was told to relax at his place and he slept on the bare floor while I slept on his bed that night.

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