The Conspiracy | Episode Six

It was another day in school after lectures.

Ronke told me she would be attending a church fellowship but needed to go home and get prepared.

I was so happy hearing such from her.

As we both talked and moved at a slow pace, suddenly, some guys ran to us telling us they runs the school.

They said they are dangerous and can break us into two, most especially me.

We were threatened and warned as they left our presence.

Ronke made me understood that she hardly recognized the guys except for a particular guy they both met during her friend’s birthday party.

I told her I don’t need to put any blames on her but I only blamed myself following her to the party that I was not supposed to attend.

And that was how we went our different ways that day with annoyance.

Some days later, As I was about going to bed at night, still having my night devotion, I heard (Knock, knock, knock) at the door.

I asked who was at the door at that late hour of the day and it was Ronke’s voice.

I immediately opened the door, only to see her with some girls around her and I was so perplexed.

A lady said, “Hello Baby! I hope you still remember me”? I told her YES because she was the one we met weeks back who celebrated her birthday.

She said I was right… I looked at them, they were six in numbers altogether including Ronke.

Initially, I wanted to stop them from entering my room because I was becoming suspicious of them.

But my gaze was fixed at Ronke before I agreed to let them in.

Some sat on my bed while some on the students chairs.

Tonia, the lady I saw at the party said, “I know you must be wondering why we came to see you at this hour?

Baby, I want you to be rest assured that we are not going to harm you.

You see, Ronke takes you as a close friend and she has good intentions for you as well”.

I had to cut in here when I heard my friend having good intentions for me and at the same time confused as ever.

What could be the intentions? I asked Tonia.

Life is at stake here and if nothing is done urgently, it could be disastrous. Ronke said.

I had to faced her directly asking her what could be disastrous?

Tonia responded, “Good question… I have to go straight to the point now. Ronke told me yesterday that you were both attacked and threatened.

She told me the guys warned you most especially. Those guys may carry out their threats was the reason why I decided to act quickly.”

I told Tonia I was not afraid and God my only protector, he won’t allow harms comes my way.

She now replied, ” I know and no one is disputing the fact that you should not serve God. I am also a Christian like you.

Like the saying goes; heaven helps those who help themselves baby. So, I think you have to help yourself too.

The question you should be asking us is how?” Okay, how? I asked.

She said, ” It is a SISTERHOOD thing and it is called WHITE FEATHERS. You will seek protection and power from the group and you will get in abundance.

The school authority even approved it because it is not a deadly group neither are we female cultists.

Once you are in, no one can harm you at all. So Baby, it’s your choice to make”.

I told her I was still not getting it right and she said I should call it anything. She said I had to make a choice sooner or else, I would not want to regret it.

She told me no one messes with her and go scott free because she’s superior on the campus.

Ronke told Tonia to let them go easy on me and even said she was sure that I would think it through.

Tonia now faced me telling me she gave me few days to think it through and if anyone hears about our discussion, my fine skin would turn ugly.

Telling me she would use mark to make designs on my body like African map.

That was how they left my room but Ronke was the last to leave telling me I should take my time to reflect on the issue very well before she now finally left.

I was so scared because I knew I have gotten myself into a big trouble.

Not knowing what to do? Maybe I should call the police and report or even inform brother Michael?

I was so confused and at the same time crying with tears rolling down my cheeks.







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