The Conspiracy | Episode Ten | (Concluding Part)

Doctor Williams and the vice-chancellor were equally shocked as well, they couldn’t believe it.

The CSO too was also in total disbelief.

I paused for a while, gathering to say something and I finally broke the silence.

Ronke was not involved and I am a quite sure sir.

I said without thinking any further but I observed that one of the judges was staring at me without uttering a word.

By then, I began to wonder why he was staring at me?

Out of nowhere, Michael stood up without holding anything back and said…

“Sir, there is a mixed-up here, Joy said Ronke standing here didn’t threaten her, it’s not true.

I advise we check Joy’s phone and extract the message that Ronke sent to her. You will see the evidence”.

Immediately that was said, Michael gave me a cold stare.

The first committee member asked me if it was true and I stared at Ronke still confused because she has finally got into dilemma.

I told the committees that Ronke didn’t send me a text message threatening me.

Michael shouted and cried aloud saying, “Joy! Why are you siding the devil? Please, tell me why”?

He was warned to keep quiet or else, they won’t hesitate to have him thrown out by the hefty men.

Dr. Williams barked at Michael and told him to have his seat and he duly obliged.

Tonia and the rest of the members were called out to testify as well, including Michael.

One of the disciplinary committee asked for a short break so that they can deliberate over the issue and pass final judgment with the consent of the vice-chancellor.

Following the conversation ensued, check out what Michael said to me…

Michael: To be sincere with you and if you don’t know, I am highly disappointed at you. Guess what?

You just blew your big chance to get rid of these girls…kindly disclose the matter to me right now.

Joy: Micheal, do you know what? I had pity on Ronke because of her past and what might come out of Tonia’s fate. (Mere looking at Micheal’s face, he was fuming as he said…)

Micheal: Tonia’s outcome or fate…what does that have to do with you?

Joy: Tonia’s fate had already been judged before coming over here today. Ronke and the remaining members were to be rusticated. I have been told not to testify against her anymore.

Micheal: (He cuts in) Haa! OMG!!! Why did you believe her? What a big lie! (He exclaimed)

Joy: At least, I have done my best for her and leave the rest to God.

Micheal: Now, you are involving God right? God will be disappointed at you and blame you if eventually, this backfires at you.

Please, don’t call me if any matter should arise. Joy, you have to dance to the music playing now. Good luck my dear.

(He dashed out and as I looked ahead straightly, I sighted the disciplinary committees, coming towards my way with a wicked smile.)

One of them told me I did a nice job. He knew I testified against Ronke and spared Tonia. He thanked me once again and told me the two of them will be spared and others would be rusticated.

The man left my presence and I was short of words asking within me if what I did was right.

After few minutes, everyone were made gathered in the room. Except for Micheal, because I made him became angry at me.

Later, I heard the vice-chancellor asking the committees what the final verdict was? They counted numerous verdicts of bad records on the remaining members, were rusticated from school and were given less than 24 hours to pack their belongings.

Tonia and Ronke were suspended for 3 weeks’ lectures and were told not be seen within the school premises until the completion of their suspension.

As they were moving the girls out, one of them stood before me and pointed at me saying, “Babe, you made them rusticate me, bet it with me, you will pay for this.” (She threatened and barked at me).

When I gazed my eyes on Ronke, I could tell by the look on her face that she was grateful that she was not rusticated along with them.

Tonia was not bothered at all. She was so sure of herself that nothing could harm her at all.

Micheal’s uncle and all of us departed from the room and went our ways.

A few weeks after, As I was returning from a church program and heading towards my hostel, I saw no other person than Ronke.

She called and pleaded to allow me to hear from her. When she drew closer to me, I asked her what I can do for her? She said, “Firstly, I went to your house to come and show my appreciation to you because you’re really a good person but I didn’t meet you at home.

Secondly, Tonia is a dangerous person. Rumors have it all that she has many resources to fight you to the end.

Baby, Please, be very careful and mind the toes you step onward.” (I hissed at her and we went our different ways).

As I moved more closely to my apartment, I saw Michael and asked him why he seldom talks to me, picks my calls and even asks after me.

I made him understood it was quite unfair. He said, “Joy, what gives you the impression that I have been ignoring you? What are you trying to insinuate?”

I told him to forgive me if I might have offended him. He said he had no issue with me and begged him for betraying his trust in me because his attitudes changed towards me ever since I didn’t testify against Tonia.

Michael later told me he had forgiven me and we waved at ourselves and went our ways.

At last, we had finally set aside the differences between us now; things can now go back to being normal. (I smiled as I entered my hostel).

After our exams in school, I traveled home to visit grandma and also decided to pay a visit to my boss house that assisted me in securing admission into the higher institution.

On getting there, I met their first daughter only at home. Although she didn’t noticed anybody entering the house because of the loud music playing as much.

The time she noticed I was around was when I entered the room and shouted her name. I saw her watching pornography movie on her phone tablet in nakedness.

I shouted her name and asked her why she was doing such to herself? She pleads with me not to let her parents find out.

Immediately, she deleted the movie and promised such won’t occur again. When her parents returned, they welcomed and gladly accepted me into their house.

They were such a nice and accommodating family. It will be wrong if her mom didn’t know about this ugly scene their daughter created today.

Who knows maybe she has turned to a sex addict or even practicing lesbianism. Oh Lord, should I tell her mom or talk to her tonight and advise her to change her ways? (I asked myself).

As we were about to sleep that night, I called her into the room I was given. I told and warned her not to allow what happened in the afternoon to repeat itself again. I said, “Baby girl, what kind of message are you trying to pass to your siblings in the boarding school when they return?

Taking me as a good example, thank God you know my age and I can still boast of being a virgin even up till now. I am not trying to say that not being a virgin is a bad thing or to discourage you, but your body is the temple of God.

I could see in the afternoon that you were aroused on the bed mere watching that kind of movie or what do you call it? Please, change your ways and turn a new leaf.” (She said goodnight and left my room).

Three days after, I was not comfortable with keeping the secret to myself. I decided to call her mom and told her to advise her daughter but as I was about disclosing the matter to her, Shalom entered and shouted, “Mom, see condom and pills in my bag. It was Sister Joy that went out with my bag yesterday.”

I was shocked and her mom too felt disgusted and faced me directly saying, “Jesus! I am really ashamed of you. You have disappointed me. Why do this to your younger sister? I broke down in tears, was short of words and her mother continued.

My family took you as our own, paid your Jamb fee and doing other necessary things concerning your studies. So, we are getting betrayal back in return?

You are sleeping with men around to give you money and also wanting to lure shalom into prostitution? I won’t say any other thing again, but please, next time, don’t let such happen again.

Why not tell me you are in need of money before sleeping with men that will spoil your life. My girl is precious to me; don’t let her watch after your footsteps again. (She left angrily to her room).

I don’t know what else to say or do when shalom told me she has not been receiving motherly care since I returned back to their house. She said I should leave the house now because she badly needs her parent’s care.

Shalom laughed at me and left the sitting room leaving me alone. I sobbed in tears and said, “Thou Lord, why is this happening to me? This family is my only source of hope. Why letting ruin come upon me? Is it a crime serving you? Please, fight my battles. (I cried profusely without seeing anyone to control me).

Around 8 pm at night, I went to Shalom’s mother’s room and apologized to her. Although, what happened earlier was Shalom’s plot but I had no option than to accept the blame. I thanked her for the care and hospitality.

I don’t know what would have become of me if not for the family. I told her I meant no harm to their family and I could not sleep all day. I was heartbroken because there is no point in defending myself to her.

It was glaring that her mind was already made up. I told her I would be returning to my grandma’s place the following day.

All that I was saying fell deaf ears; she already made up her mind and closed her eyes as if she had slept. I cried and left her room to my room.

I began to think of what to do when school resumes because I have no one to go to except my poor grandma who was also trying her best for me.

One major thing I have always wanting to do is to be a good girl, to serve God with all of my heart but what I was getting in return was quite beyond me.

Disgrace!!! Life, why now? Nobody to give me money and I can’t run away from my dreams… I will have to find means to survive; what will I do to fetch me fast money? (I began to ponder)

Yes! I will have to lose my virginity all for nothing. (I slept off, woke up very early the following morning and left the house for them).

I went straight to my grandma’s house, I lied to her we were resuming back to school the following day. She gave me three thousand naira notes (3,000) but she really tried her best.

On getting back to my hostel, I went to Ronke’s hostel in tears and narrated what happened to her. She felt so bad and encouraged me not to lose hope.

She said one of the ways to show gratitude for what I did for her then was to make a promise to pay my school fees.

I rushed over to her, gave her emotional hug and at the same time happy. So, it is true that one good turn deserves another? (I asked within me while we released ourselves from the embrace.

When I got back to my hostel, I knelt and said in prayers, oh Lord my God! Thank you for sending me helpers like Ronke.  Initially, I had given up already and decided to lose my virginity in order to raise money for myself but here I am, thanking and blessing your holy name for this great testimony.

Thank you oh lord because I still remain a virgin.

To God be the glory, we are now in our final year and we have only one semester to go. Ronke has been a wonderful friend like a sister. We do most of the things together.

But the only problem I had with her then was her frequent conversations with Tonia. Each time we’re always together, she liked calling me “THE VIRGIN GIRL WITH NO EXPERIENCE”.

She even told me to give it a try by losing it because the more I grow old in age, the more painful it will be when I am about to lose it.

I thought it was a joke not until when I saw her with Tonia in a nearby club. Although we had no quarrel in between us again which I was very sure of, but I don’t know their cult forbids seeing and walking with virgins.

Since Tonia and I are back to our previous days, she had taught me how to drink alcohol but not drinking to the level that can intoxicate me.

On the very last day we wrote our final paper in school, we decided to celebrate in a nearby club closer to our hostel. I drank to stupor and forgot myself totally.

I didn’t know it was planned by Ronke, David and Tonia to drug my alcoholic drinks with sleeping tablets. By the time I woke up from sleep the following day, I saw David by my side and bedsheet stained with blood.

OMG!!! I asked what happened and he told me they paid him to deflowered me. I cried all through and that was how I lost my own virginity too.

Dear readers, please beware of friends and trusting people. Learn to trust yourself and put your trust solely on God.

See what friends caused me. They conspired against me and prevailed over me.

I had to live in pains for many years not until when I met my God sent spouse who accepted me and still loving me unconditionally.

Although, I am enjoying my marriage with my twins, taking care of my grandma in a nice apartment with her doing well in a good business I opened for her in which she has ever wanted in life.

At the same time, I am educating and enlightening youths and people around me about the affairs of life generally.







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