The Conspiracy | Episode Three

I never knew Charles would be traveling out of the country to further his education. Funny enough, all his documents were fully ready before he did such to me.

Ronke had to stop because her tears was becoming uncontrollable. She told me that being a virgin is the pride of every lady but once that pride is taken away, everyone calls you names instead of trying to find out the real truth on how it was lost.

She told me she disliked virgins because of how they humiliated her then.

I could not believe Ronke was just Twenty (20) years old. She looked way too matured for her age.

Thinking Ronke is Twenty-five (25) years old only to know at that very moment that she’s just 20 years old… And I am still a virgin at this age!!! Grandma really taught me well.

So I said to myself feeling grateful and at the same time recollecting Ronke’s story she shared with me.

Following day at the lecture room, It was the third (3rd) lecture we were about receiving when I walked in.

Ronke whispered and drew my attention closer to her so that we could sit together.

Meanwhile, She had kept a sitting space for me since the first lecture began. I moved closer to her and sat on the space provided as we both exchanged greetings.

She asked for the reason why I missed the previous lectures and I gave her my genuine reasons as I later decided coming for the last lecture for the day.

Hmmm!!! With a smile and then replied encouraging me not to invite carry over into my studies.

She asked about my schedule to know what next to do after our lecture and I told her I would be having a free day.

Our lecturer walked in and we had to suspend the conversations till the end of the class.

At the end of the lecture and on our way out, Ronke asked and reminded me of one of her friend’s birthday party in which I had totally forgotten.

Immediately I responded with Birthday party!!! she became upset and frowned at me not until when I asked her for the time we would be going the following day (Friday) that she became calm.

Ronke told me the party was scheduled for 10:00pm but we would leave around 9:30pm since someone would be coming to pick us with his car.

Party for 10:00pm!!! I exclaimed. I hope it is not a party full of worldly desires or else…? I said and at the same time wasn’t comfortable with the time.

You know Grandma only sent me to school to study and not to attend night parties, “I said”. She gave her full assurance that we won’t be injured.

I even suggested to her that she should come to my apartment few minutes to the time since she wanted me sleeping over and I refused but was doubting me and I gave her reasons.

She had no choice than to obliged. We hugged ourselves and I left for my own apartment.


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