The Conspiracy | Episode Two

After much pleads to Ronke, she later asked the question she asked me earlier on.

Have met with any man before? I gave a strange look and was short of words for a few seconds.

So, you are a virgin? She asked and I replied by telling her I hate such embarrassing question.

But I do not need to be hiding secrets from her because she seems to be a great confidant.

But if I disclose the answer to her, she might not believe me. I was thinking inside of me as I summoned the courage and started telling her my story.

Joy!!! She called and I told her I was trying to figure out the best word to say to her. (Ronke cuts in immediately).

Ronke said, “Let me be frank with you, there is no big deal in you sharing your secrets with me”.

What are friends for only if we cannot bear and share burdens together?

As for me, I lost my virginity at age 15. It was my best male friend when I was in Secondary school that deflowered me.

Are you afraid of telling me how you lost your own virginity? Ronke asked.

I replied to her saying, Ronke, just wait and hear from me. (Ronke was silent as I continued).

I have never had sex with any man in my life. I am still a virgin. (Ronke screamed out, wore a smile and said that must be a joke).

I told her she may find it difficult believing me but I was saying the truth.

Ronke exclaimed, Incredible! So you mean to say, you have never experience the fun of having sex in this century?

What am I even saying, you might have heard of it but you mean no one is lubricating your engine all these while?

The majority of the primary school children have tasted and are enjoying sex, you are in 200level in the university with no knowledge of how the sweetness is.

What is wrong with you Joy?

How old are you self?

I replied to her saying, “I will be Twenty-three (23) years old soon. Ronke, why are you asking me this question?

She said, “Do not tell me you are serious? As in 23 years old! You mean numbers 2 and 3, you are still in that bondage”?

Bondage! Bondage as how? What is bondage? So I asked.

So you do not know living as a virgin till age 23 is bondage? Ronke said with temper.

It is a thing of great pride and joy for ladies out there and of my age to remain a virgin till this present moment.

I am proud to be among the ladies out there was the response I gave to her.

Ronke replied telling me I would hardly find a virgin of my age in this century.

Immediately, I noticed Ronke became so calm as she was talking to me and she continued saying…

I lost my own virginity due to love at first sight when I was in SSS 2.

The guy and I lost contact before we left secondary school.

Hmmm! (She paused for few seconds and said what I just told her about being a virgin as a thing of great pride to singles touched her heart).

Ronke could not look straight into my eyes. She only fixed her eyes on my pictures on the wall and she continued.

She said, “One of my dreams when I was much younger, was to remain a virgin and keep myself till my wedding night.

Charles and I were both sitting partners in secondary school.

He came from a wealthy home and I was neither poor nor as wealthy as him but I was comfortable.

My parents gave me everything being the only daughter.

I enjoyed everything about my parents but I did not enjoy their precious moments.

They were too busy for my liking.

Today, you will hear my mom talking about business trips, tomorrow would be traveling for a party.

I would have enjoyed nice moments with my dad if the nature of my mom’s job does not allow her staying at home with us.

But my dad was transferred to another branch location at his place of work.

Every Friday(s) in school, religious activities would be practiced.

Muslims would observe Jumat at the school mosque while we Christians would converge at the school chapel for 30 minutes fellowship before closing for the day.

On a particular Friday noon, I would not want to look back to that fateful day again because that day paved way for me having regular sex with men coming my way.

It was the day Charles and his friends lured me into the act.

Charles presented a flower with a greeting card and a fruit juice to me because it was on Valentine’s day.

Unknowingly to me, the juice had been injected with sleeping pills through the rubber cork.

I was very happy when he presented it to me because I already liked him before he brought the gifts.

He reminded me of the school fellowship and we seemed so compatible as we walked into the chapel.

Around the closing time after the school fellowship, we were both waiting for our parents to come to pick us in school but nobody was forthcoming.

As at that time, I was hungry and he reminded me of the juice he gave me.

Ooooh! I’ve forgotten, thank you. So I said as I brought out the juice and sipped.

Charles also brought out chocolates for himself while I was drinking the juice.

He offered me chocolates and I collected from him but I refused eating out of it because I planned to show my mom at home.

Within few minutes, I slept off and he raped me.

Charles took away my virginity a day to my birthday.

I do not know how my peers in school got to know about what happened between Charles and me getting to school on Monday.

It was not funny as my mates started calling me sort of names.

But I felt so humiliated and embarrassed for some time.

Weeks after weeks, I got used to it and I did not care about tantrums they were throwing at me.

My own determination was to complete my secondary school successfully and survive at all costs.


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