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Time always reveals true motives. Here are some reasons why you have to take your time…,

Taking time to build a relationship. One cannot build a lasting relationship in haste, regardless of your conviction that the other person is your life partner.

If one is not matured enough to wait, it is a sign of immaturity which is called IMPATIENCE.

One is probably not matured enough to marry yet. Getting married in such circumstances can lead to divorce.

Waiting prayerfully will reveal a person’s motives and bring to light true character. Remember the word said, “Trust God, But Test People”. (TGBTP).

Apart from character, we need to know a person’s strengths and weaknesses.

Taking time to check your spouse-to-be characters, values, goals, convictions, and personality.

Also, if you have not found a good person who does good things, then you have not found God’s will. God’s will is best when getting married.

Spend quality time together with each other before getting married.


The covenant relationship between a matured man and woman in which they both seek and receive is called a MARRIAGE.

Marriage is not for boys and girls, not a man and a man nor a woman and a woman. It is simply the mutual agreement relationship that was ordained by God.

Before going into marriage, check these;

  • Spiritual Maturity: Serve God; a good marriage is a salary paid by God as a single man and woman.
  • Emotional Maturity: Marriage is not a bed of roses. Be emotional stable, most especially men.
  • Financial Maturity: Particularly for men. After every wedding comes to marriage. Youths, stop waiting for governments to give you work, you need more than one stream of source of income. You should not wait to have all the money in your bank account but try doing something with your hands. Ladies, be empowered.
  • Physically Matured
  • Mentally Matured
  • Morally Matured


I am too old; Age is a thing of mind. Do not go into marriage because you are too old.

Family pressure; most especially from the mothers.

Peer pressure; because your friends are getting married you also want to. Do not get married by force.

Status; influence/family background/wealth.

Seek God before going into marriage. Pray no matter what, you cannot pray too early.

Better remain single than marrying the wrong person. If you do not have peace of mind before entering marriage, it is better not to go into it.

Do not based marriage on that revelations or visions you have seen earlier on. Having peace in the mind is much more important.

Every marriages goes into different types of storms based your marriage on the word of God because you will always hold on to that in the time of crisis.

Before you say YES I WILL to a guy or lady, make sure you pray, get convinced and carry your spiritual father that you can trust along because many fathers and people has different administrative.

Listen to your creator (God) and hear from him. Don’t pretend, don’t lie but be transparent, do not fornicate just because you have heard from the lord to proceed.

Do not let any man sleep with you until you are married. The water you will drink will not pass you. Explain each family member to your spouse. Fornication does not answer prayers.


  • Dress very well not over-dressed when visiting your in-laws.
  • Greet them with respect and humility.
  • Discuss intelligently and take gifts along; don’t be stingy.
  • Talk politely, sit properly, do not be looking around, turn only eyes not head. Visiting in-laws is just like writing exams, please understand this.
  • If you are hungry at in-law’s house, just try and eat little and say thank you after the meal. For ladies, after the meal, take your plate to the kitchen and wash. Doing this, they will know you have home training.
  • If you are to sleep in their house, do not sleep with him/her. Prove to them that you are decent. First day, do not receive or take any gifts, you can collect on the next visit.
  • Make sure you communicate with your partner in-laws without letting your partner knows.
  • Be careful what you say with your mouth on your wedding day and those who lays hands on you. Who joins you in marriage is very important.
  • When taking vows, do not say I TAKE YOU AS MY WEDDED WIFE IN SICKNESS, SORROW, POVERTY…because it is like prophecies but rather say you want it this way, I TAKE HER AS MY WIFE IN BLESSINGS, PROGRESS, PROSPERITY AND TOGETHER WE STAND AGAINST SICKNESS,…because afternoon of your life starts from that day.
  • Do not stress yourself because you want to marry, reason why you have to be friendly.
  • Cut your coats according to your size.

After wedding ceremony, devil becomes scared. We have to understand that men are different from women in the following ways;

Man thinks differently, slowly but deeply. A woman thinks fastly but not as deep as a man (scientifically said).

Man sex life is different, It is like a paper but woman is like a charcoal, you have to put extra effort.

Marriage is hard work but it is very rewarding.



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