Toyin Abraham Slams Man Begging Her to Pay School Fees Despite COVID-19 Global Crisis

Toyin Abraham is a popular Nollywood actress, wife, and a mother who gives cheerfully.

She derives pleasure in giving and most especially during this period of the pandemic disease known as Coronavirus raging globally.

Toyin has been doing giveaways to help most people survive this hardship caused by COVID-19. And in doing this, a man begged her for money to pay his child’s school fees.

She was surprised hearing this from the man because what she has been distributing to people include food items and in some cases, giving out money to enable those she couldn’t reach physically to buy theirs.

The man wrote to her saying; “Mummy Ire, Pls I need to pay my child’s school fees. Help me, please. I have no one to help but I have God and Mummy Ire. Please ma help me”.

Toyin Abraham could not believe a man can be so bothered about school fees when most people are complaining of hunger and she responded to slammed the man saying;

“School fees??? Are you joking? People are hungry, you are talking about school fees. Hissss you are not a serious person”.

Although, it is good to give to people in need around you. But it takes wisdom so as not to fall into the hands of squanderers.

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